Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's the Guys' turn!

I was updated by Clarice earlier that they already have schedule for getting the measurements for the suits of our Male Entourage . They are schedule to meet this Saturday at Trinoma.

Honestly, Melchor was a bit wary.. He kept on asking : "Why Trinoma? How will they measure there..? What is a Trinoma?!" hahahah!

Well, when I was chatting with Clarice, I wasn't not too worried that they will be meeting in Trinoma. My main concern is that, I WANT ALL THE MALE ENTOURAGE TO BE REALLY REALLY PRESENT ON THAT SCHEDULE!!!!

Like this evening, I asked my brother if he already confirm the schedule of the measurement. He said, he thought his suit will be a ready to wear! hahaha! I told him that all suits will be made and sew. Even Melchor's suit is to be made as well! Told Ron that I will make sure that the design is a bit unique for him. After all, he will my Mom's partner there. So he confirmed tonight for his attendance for Saturday's measurement. My mom will be coming with him. I hope though that it will be a perfect attendance! I'll be praying for a perfect attendance!! Please please lang!!

I asked my mom to take some pictures. I love to see our male entourage present in their measurements. :)

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