Saturday, June 07, 2008

Melchor again!

The other day, Melchor told me that he wants our kids to have long lashes!
He's been imagining it for some time now, that his son will have long lashes, and will look just like him! Gwapo yun! hahahaha! :)

And he will call him, JUNIOR!!! hahaha! This is bad... very bad ah... Of course, I won't allow him to name Junior ah! Melchor Junior pa?! hahaha!

Also, just now, I asked him, if I'm all wrinkly and old, will he still love me?
You wanna know his answer? hahaha!
"Of course! As long as you won't grow fat!" hahahaha!
Shempre raw, mawalan sya ng gana otherwise. hahaha!

So my future, funny husband.. I'm sure we'll have a lot of memories to last a lifetime! hahaha! :)

Here's my Melchor.. as usual, fussing his computers.. How I'm starting to hate them now! sa totoo lang!!!!

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