Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mom knows engraving!

Also today, Melchor and I were once again asked what we engraving we prefer for our wedding rings.
You may all read from here that we chose: "Melchor and Ria 10.18.08" right...?
But alas, the whole thing above is too long for engraving eh!

So we thought of the following:
MG&RRL 10.18.08
MG+RRL 10.18.08
(with consultation of course with my consultant! hahaha!)

After long debate via YM with Melchor, we actually decided for #2.
I told our jeweler earlier that we chose: MG+RRL 10.18.08
(Actually, Melchor was saying he want the "+" (Plus sign) to be in smaller font.
It will be like this: MG+RRL 10.18.08
I was telling him, it's too low! hahahaha! I was kidding with him, because he was dead-on having the sign in small font. hahahaha!

Just right now, I told my Mom of our engraving choice.
And I really can say, MOTHERS KNOW BEST! hahahaha!

She suggested that instead of the + sign, why not make it a STAR! hahahaha!!
Ayos ba...
So tomorrow, Mom will immediately call our Jeweler and change it to a STAR... and further instruct that it should be in the middle part of our initials. hehehe. And as for me, I have to immediately YM our Jeweler, to confirm what my Mom will be instructing her for the ring! hahahah! yipeeee!! really really happy!

It will now be like this: MG*RRL 10.18.08
yehey! :)

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