Friday, June 27, 2008

Prenup Shanghai - part 1

Well, looking at my previous posts here regarding the prenup... well, they just bring smile to my face..
I kinda can't believe that I was that nervous..? hahaha! I guess, for me to feel really secured and confident, I'm so used to doing all by myself... Now that Melchor's here in my life, I need to get used to having a strong arms beside me, that it's okay to feel weak and vulnerable sometimes, because Melchor will always be my by side... I need to let go of all the pressure to do all things by myself.. haha! Enough with the mushy talk.. :)

The prenup plans dates back last year, when our Chosen Photographer Nelwin Uy offered us a unique prenup pictorial.
I have to say that Melchor at that time, already had the idea of having the pictorial outside Manila... He said: "If ever that we have our pictorial in the Philippines, it has to be outside Manila! Boracay, Palawan, wherever!! Basta outside Manila!" - That was his line at that time.

Luckily, our friend Sheryl and Dwight also got Nelwin as their photographer, and having them come over to Shanghai beats the expenses we will have, in case all 4 of us went back to Manila for the pictorial. I know everybody would like to have unique shoots, right? We agreed to have our prenup here in Shanghai.

Shanghai being the city where Melchor and I first met.. hahaha! I guess this place have a deep meaning in our lives. Though Melchor and I did met when we were young ones then, we weren't introduced to each other there.. and after that, our paths didn't cross in Manila... It is here in Shanghai, that we were formally introduced to each other... if it's not for Shanghai.. I guess I won't be marrying anytime soon! hahaha! And poor Melchor will also not be as happy as he is now! hahaha (kapal ko e noh? :) ) Joke lang!

For the visit of Nelwin, Tey and Shirleen this week for our Prenup pictorial, Melchor only had "SHANGHAI" in his mind.... our pictorial will have everything SHANGHAI there is... the must-see, must-visit places, must-eat, must-spend, must-shopping, must-try in Shanghai... and I guess we feel more territorial, and as host of this place. We know where the good food are, the must-visit attraction here, that you can really say that you've already seen them only here in Shanghai. I guess it's comfort zone as well! hehe!

Nelwin, etc. arrived here last Monday early morning... since they left Manila with a typhoon, the slight delay of their flight was already better than what we expected.

As you can see in the left part, 2nd entry - Manila - there was a red part
indicating DELAYED FLIGHT! haha! - 23 June 2008

So there, waiting for them, after awhile, they emerged from the arrival area! We immediately went to the Hotel booked for them.. Home-Inn, along Yan-An Road, Wu-Yi Road. It's a nice, small cozy resting place. hehe!

Here's the first part of my post, since Melchor's finishing up the descriptions of the places we've visited. hehe! I'll wait for this update, so that I can also post them here..

Nelwin, Tey and Shirleen already went home this morning.. So 2 days of prenup pictorial per couple finally ended. It's so funny to think that these shoots were just being talked about early this year, then, after 4 days, finally it ended na. We already received our Raw pictures.. We had the time of our lives! For the first time, we felt like celebrities here in Shanghai! hahahah! :) Though nobody asked for our autograph! hehe :)

We like to thank Nelwin for coming over to Shanghai. In spite of his schedules, we were able to squeeze into his time, to visit us here, and we really appreciate everything! We had so much fun that we never wanted it to end, sa totoo lang ah! hahaha! Melchor and I felt the time is too short, for us to show more of Shanghai. Kulang pa ang time e! Pero sana nag enjoy sila.. heheh :)

Group Pic - with Nelwin and Tey
26 June 2008

We got our CD na last night! and boy, it's so hard to choose pa e! hahahaha! Will post soon ah!


Here's our sincere THANK YOU to Nelwin, Tey and Shirleen!
For making us feel the prettiest couple here in Shanghai! hahahah! :)
We'll be seeing you this October, and we hope to have this opportunity again to be together here in China :)

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