Wednesday, June 25, 2008

shooting the prenup - prelude!

Since it's already Wednesday today, that only meant that we are already done with our Prenup pictorial.
hahaha! :)

To be honest, the time that the shoot was finally rolling, all butterflies in my stomach, nerves cracking, etc. vanished! As stated in my previous entry here, I was really scared chicken last Sunday.

I guess I was not too confident enough about our plans. Though I'm very proud of Melchor, there were some adjustments that must be made, because of the change of plans, schedules.

Nelwin, Tey and Shirleen came here last Monday midnight. Their flight was with Cebu Pacific, and they arrived here 30mins late from their scheduled time. (Manila had a typhoon that weekend, so it's understandable about the flight delay.. Cebu Pacific pa!)

I have to cut this entry short, as I'm not feeling too wordy pa... Let me get the CD from Nelwin tomorrow night, then, maybe I finished this entry. :) Just one more day ah! hehehe! Tomorrow's Thursday na.. so I'm not too excited naman. :) just extremely excited! hihih :)

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