Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wedding Rings - 1st Set

I learned from my Mom earlier, that our 1st set of Wedding Rings were already made.
As per her inquiry with our jeweler, it's already in their office, and for engraving na! So so so Happy!

Melchor and I finalized the words to be engrave inside.
It seems that there won't be problems with engraving the words with Melchor's ring, but for mine, since it's size is 4.5, space may be too small. hehehe

anyway, the engraving will be:

Melchor & Ria 10.18.08

For both our 2 rings. hehe :)
Okay naman ba... :) hihihi! so excited! Will ask tomorrow, for a possible picture! hihihi! Sana meron! hahaha! Sana pwede!

Pero side comment, bakit kaya ndi una name ko! Mas maganda dba..
Mas okay ito, right:

Ria & Melchor 10.18.08

tsk tsk!

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