Thursday, July 31, 2008

Erica Lim PTRP

First thing I did upon opening my laptop early in the office this morning, I immediately checked the Physical Therapy board exam results. This is to check if my sister was in the list.

The PT-OT exam was held last 26th and 27th. Erica was one of the examinees, and I guess, being the only one in our family, who'll be trying this professional examination, we were all excited for her! hehehe!

Anyway, this blog is dedicated to Erica Bianca T. Lim, a big Congratulations, for a passing the PT Board!!! hehehe! :)

Congrats ah Erengenet! hahahaha! :)
Plan tayo shopping! hahahah! Oopppss! sana ndi makita ni Mg!

P.s. To add to this post, I'm touched with the comment that Erica posted in Nelwin'Uy s blog of our Prenup picture:
Touching dba.. hahahah!
Thank you very much Erica!! You have to help me na sa wedding preps! hahaha!

Congratulations again Erengenet!!!!!!
this picture was taken when I was in Manila last year.
Miss those good ol' relaxing days! hahaha!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Water Towns!

As blogged 2 days ago, we visited Xitang, Zhejiang this almost whole day. We left our dormitory around 7:45AM, and came back around 6:00PM.
It was so much fun!! But I guess, with age getting to us already, we're also very tired! hahaha!

So far, words are not flowing very much now because of tiredness, and I'm just waiting my hair to dry out in order for me to call it a night.

But one's thing for sure, I will blog about our experience soon, share the pictures, and of course, reminisce our July 27 day in Xitang.

If you're looking for a place to visit here in China, and also if you're here in Shanghai... please make time to visit Xitang, Zhenjiang. It's website is found here.
There are other Watertown places here as well.. you have choose from below:
Zhu Jia Jiao
PICTURES are from their website
So far, here are the pictures of those places, you can visit their sites, and plan your travel and tour ahead. :) The website are full of info, which Melchor and I also used today. Though it would have been better if we watched the Mission Impossible 3 movie last night, in order to really point out the place where Tom Cruise was running during the film! hahaha! okay lang, we were also tired last night.

Oh, I saw 2 more water towns here in China... WuZhen and Tongli. Will look into their sites ah, and maybe update soon.

Tah tah for now.. but will blog very soon! hehe!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Gown Designers I like!

If ever that I can get married, over and over again..... I love to have these gowns!!!
I mean, I love to get married this year, wearing gowns by these designers:

Priscilla of Boston
Maggie Sotero

I love these gowns! wahhh!!! I especially love the Melissa Sweet!
Lovely, right? :)
If you're still looking for gown inspiration, be sure to check them out! ;)

Xitang! Here We come!

We're going to Xitang on Sunday!!! hahahaha!!
Melchor's brother, Marvin, will be coming to Shanghai tomorrow, and with that, we'll be meeting him and accompany him around here, and then go to Xitang on Sunday! hehehe!

Well, Xitang is the part of the scene in Mission Impossible 3, wherein Tom Cruise was seen running fast, and shouting "Zou Kai! Zou Kai!" (Scram!) haha!

I know we've should have visit here, when our photographer, Nelwin Uy came here... so as to see the beautiful view of the old Chinese houses/life in the past. But alas, we were unable to foresee much ahead. hehe :)

Oh well... at least, we get to see Xitang now.. and hopefully, we can take a lot of pictures there! Will post them here ah! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

adding Spice in my dress!

Yesterday, I finally received the gown design of Melchor's sister, Marilou, from our Entourage gown maker, Ding Marquez. With that I was able to complete the gowns of my entourage.
Melchor was also curious with the gowns of our entourage, and asked picture copies of them.
(will blog this soon...)

So while I was sending the pictures to Melchor, I came to realize that my entourage have sexy gowns! hahahaha!

Now, I know I've already finalized the design of my gown, I think I have to add a little sexiness in my gown noh? hahahah!! :)

the question is what part I can request Veluz to maybe add and enhance sexiness in my perfect wedding dress...? Hmmmmmmmmm.....

Congratulations Clarice!

Heard the good news from my mom earlier.
Congratulations on your new baby, Clarice!!!
May God bless you and your baby at this special time!
- Ria & Melchor

Wedding Favors

Melchor and I at first thought that we may not need to provide wedding favors/souvenir to our guests. Since we've been increasing our wedding budgets here and there... we thought we can save a little by not arranging or thinking anything as souvenirs.

But after some suggestions with fellow colleagues here in Shanghai, though its okay not to give favors, it may be expected from us. So I guess it will be nice if we can arrange and think of a wedding favor to give to our guests.

With that in mind, I kinda researched some cute wedding favors. But before, I have to admit that we already thought of having Fabfoto Booth in our wedding. These are like FotoMe booth wherein pictures will be printed after 1 min or so. hehe! Fantastic, right? I personally think that the guests will have fun with it... Well, I myself will have fun if I'll attend a wedding with that kind of souvenir. hehehe. Due to some constraints at that time, we kinda let go of booking them at that time.

I did some research for the souvenir, I came up with these fabulous ideas, in case I will have to physically prepare the souvenirs. I found these at Beau-coup wedding favors, which I really really love! I was already thinking of sourcing the items needed from here...

Here are the Favors I liked, Courtesy of Beau-coup website
They're cute, di ba?

In end, after meeting up with our photographer as they came over here for our prenup pictorial, Melchor liked the thought of the photobooth in our wedding! hehe! Yes, we finally decided to have Fabfoto Booth in our Wedding! yahooo!!!! We hope the guests will have fun with it! I know that my sister Erica would enjoy it very much! hahaha! And I guess due to her encouragement din, we know that we made the right decision in booking and choosing Fabfoto!

The Logo's too little ba? hahaha!
courtesy of Fabfoto Booth

We just have to make sure that every guests will visit the booth and have their picture taken!
And another thing, we have to let them know that the booth is FREE!! hahaha! Or else, they may be reluctant to try it! hahaha! Can't wait! hehe!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Mr. Time, please Stop!!!!

I love to stop the time, maybe a day or two, so that I can catch up with my readings and research for the wedding! Kakainis!! Time's running too fast for me now!!

I think I'll be doing my countdown soon... not for the Beijing Olympics 2008! hahaha!
Countdown towards the big day!
Scary!!!! hahahaha!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cloth, Yard, Box

The Cloth Box included in the Gift Baskets were amazing!
My Mom bought this box, and sticked the Double Happiness logo in front!
I feel that the box deserves an entry, since this was carefully thought of by my Mom. hehe :)

I love the Double Happiness Logo, which Melchor and I are contemplating to use the same format in our wedding invitation! hihihi! :)

Gifts for the PS - part 2!

With the love and help of my Mom, our gift baskets to our Principal Sponsors are now being delivered this month. A very very special THANK YOU to my mom, for her patience, her understanding. hehe!
Our gift baskets were wonderful! hehehehe! :)
Lovely, right? hehehe! The pictures above were taken by my sister, Erica. :)
Very very nice! I love them! I love the Double Happiness Red Logo that my Mom got!

Hi Mama!!! Thank you very much! :) - Ria & Melchor

Guys do read Wed Mag!

It's already July 20, and to be honest, I'm kinda freaking out a bit already.
Not that I felt that our unsure about our wedding plans... but Melchor and I need to revisit the wedding checklist, in order to look into other stuff we've might not have decided on.

So earlier, before Melchor and I watching Iron Man Movie now, he decided to look into some of our magazines we have here, and I of course, took the opportunity to take his pictures! hahaha! He's reading Wedding Essentials magazines, which have good pictures talaga ah.

So, Guys do read magazine! In fact, they do read Wedding Magazines! hahahah! :)
and I have proof for that! How about your fiance? hahaha! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Hopping!

I love blog hopping these few days!
Especially by using Google Reader.. You can't be certain when our internet will block some websites, so I found that using Google reader's pretty useful!

I've subscribed to I don't know how many sites via the Reader. And I guess, being a crammer that I am, I look forward to checking out my reader, with 100+ unread items.. I actually get excited seeing a number more than 100 unread! hahaha! Do you find it weird?

Last Sunday, I know the number already went as low as 30 unread items, and I just can't help but to discover new sites again! So right now, I think it's in the 900++++ unread! hahaha!!

And one thing I also discovered, Engaged couples in the US also have their own Prenup Pictorial, which they call - Engagement Session! hahaha! Cool! Very Cool!

Here in Shanghai, they do have their own pictorial style, which they will just try on different dresses and attires, like European-type dresses, Japanese Kimono attire, the couple in wedding attires as bride and groom... etc. Then, the background will be made on something like a picture of a park, with trees, etc etc. This is really not my style though... I personally find this too stiff e! But this is only my preference.

Back to Blog Hopping, for those love to really read blogs, etc.. I suggest to use Google reader... it really really nice ah! Oh, but I believe you have to sign up a Gmail account.. ;)

Here's something interesting i found in this site:

Blog hopping IS NOT surfing the net and reading some blogs here and there at random. Blog hopping is when you find a few blogs that you think are really cool, written by people you can really relate to and you visit them regularly. These people feel a special bond towards each other and visit and comment on the blogs in their circle daily!

Hmmm... okay! :)
Well, since they're part of my reader already, I guess you can say that I visit them regularly... but I think not to the point of be-friending them stage.
Whatever it may be called, for me, I just love to check-out and read what they would write and look at their posted pictures! ;)

Flower Girls

We'll be scheduling the visit of our 3 flower girls to Ding Marquez within the month.
I finalize the date with Melchor, to inform his sister Marilou, so that they can be conveyed in advance to the moms. With that, I asked help from my mom to call Ding Marquez tomorrow, so as to prepare him in case our 3 girls choose to visit his place this 19th and the last day being on the 26th.

Provided that, I will be emailing Ding the final chosen design for the FGs' dresses.
I kinda spent less than half of the time I did when I was researching ideas for the Female Entourage, Invitation, etc. etc.! hahahaha! :)

Anyway, my ideas for the flower girls are pretty simple... I just like them to be cute cute girls.. with petticoat dresses.. I also had the idea of a flower girls with long, curly hair.. cute, right?

I like the concept of the flower girls dresses of Us Angels and Mon Cheri Bridals. Here are the dresses I've rounded up before that caught my eye:

My Flower Girls design choices.
* I particularly love the 1st row, 1st left - The girl with the Long Hair!
It kinda reminds me of my flower girls days with my 2 pretty Aunts! hahaha!

But in the end, Melchor and I finalize the design into this:
Our Final Flower Girl gown design will be the combination of these 2 gowns

I actually forgot where I found the left FG design, I think at that time, I was looking for a green colored dresses for the Entourage... haha! For the right side gown, this was taken from Mon Cheri site.

I love the puffy skirt of the left! I don't think I need the FG to look like me or my female entourage.. I just like them to look cute as they can be! And we're choosing the small sleeves as design of their top (right picture), so in the end, we're combining the 2 designs as one. Oh, and also, for the colors, they'll be in Yellow and Rust (Dress color of Melchor's Mom).

I'll be sending these pictures to Ding Marquez tonight, as our idea for the flower girls dresses. Then, I hope to get his ideas and sketches, as the final design for the Flower Girls!

Can't wait! hahahah! :) Will update this, when I got the sketch! hihihi!
Oh, I still haven't blog the entourage gowns noh? hmm.. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shoes, anyone?

*Blooper, I accidentally posted a blank post! hahaha!

We have a nearby outlet here in Qingpu. We went there one time, to find shop for then upcoming prenup shoot. But instead of me finding some stuff I like, it's Melchor who found something he like! haha! That particular day, I think It was the Father's Day weekend, so the Men Stuff in Outlets did have some discounts.. And so, if Melchor found something he like, it's better to buy it then, right?

To be honest, the Outlets here is huge. I mean, huge places! hahaha! There are tons of brands available, but of course, being from the Philippines, you tend to compare the prices by multiplying their amount into the Philippine Peso, and realize that it's not that cheap or the discount is not enough. Me personally tend to just window shop. Unless, I really find something I need... But let me see, since I've been here in Shanghai last 2006 October, I think I bought less than 10 stuff from there. haha!

So, walking hand in hand, with no particular item to look at, Melchor got curious by the shoes display in one of the store:
We entered the particular store, and of course, ask this and that.. look at their other designs.. and Melchor thought it's not cheap.. so he was skeptic in buying.. hahaha! I told him to think it over, since it's really not cheap, but it look very nice..

During the entire afternoon, Melchor can't keep that shoes off his mind na! So, we revisited that store, and yes, Melchor finally decided on to buy that shoes. :)

It fit perfectly, eh...?

Melchor bought a nice Zegna shoes for his wedding day. Of course it was bought discounted from Mall Retail price. I think Melchor's pretty happy with the shoes.. hahaha! He kept on asking what I thought about the shoes... well, it's a nice pair naman e! hahaha!

But I think the most important thing is that, Melchor likes his shoes! :)

Can't resist to Smile, while holding the Shoes, huh?
hahahaha! :)

Feast for the Day!

When Melchor and I were in Manila last February 2008, our coordinator Clarice had a food taste test planned for us at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. This was to confirmed our menu choices for our big day.

We were ecstatic to learn in spite of our short time in Manila, we can still squeeze in the food tasting of the menu we will have. We went to Summer Palace Restaurant, the in-house Chinese food stop in ESL, and I guess who can't not like Chinese food? haha!

With our previous inquiry, we were presented Double Happiness Wedding Packages. Since we both love to eat, and feel that our guests will enjoy more with Chinese food, you guessed it right! We chose Lauriat for our menu.

We actually chose Chinese Lauriat Menu B, here's the original menu:
P1*,***.00 per table of 10 persons
Suckling pig combination
Hot prawn salad
Braised shark’s fin soup with crabmeat
Braised bamboo piths with Yunnan ham and garden greens
Braised pork spareribs with red wine sauce
Steamed lapu-lapu in light soy sauce
Sautéed minced chicken bedded on lettuce
Steamed crab with minced garlic
Fried rice “Yang Chow” style
Hot cream of mashed taro with sago
Two kinds of sweet dim sum desserts
Chinese Tea
Iced Tea

Due to some preferences, we kinda personalized the menu into the things we love to have... :) (hahaha! ndi naman obvious na matakaw noh? haha!)

We changed the following into:
1 ) Hot prawn salad to Steamed prawn with minced garlic - Melchor doesn't like anything with Mayonnaise in it... so Steamed prawn with minced garlic it is!

Braised bamboo piths with Yunnan ham and garden greens to Braised two kinds of Mushroom with broccoli - ah.. hmmm.. we just prefer the broccoli. haha!

Steamed crab with minced garlic to Fried Crabs with Spicy Salt - since we already have Steamed prawns, we decided to opt for the Fried Crabs.

Hot cream of mashed taro with sago to Chilled Mango Sago - haha! We prefer the Mango Sago! hahaha!

Two kinds of sweet dim sum desserts - Since we'll be serving portions of our yummy cake, we had this dim sum desserts deleted. hehe :) Will blog about the cake soon, when I finally finalize my design! hehe

Pictures of our Menu during Food Taste
(February 15, 2008)

Looks yummy, right? I'm not really that excited yet about the wedding, but who can't resist Chinese food?!?!?! hahahah! :)
our Picture oustide Summer Palace - Edsa Shangri-La Hotel
Real yummy lunch! haha!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Perfect Prenup Pictures!!

As Melchor and I are feeling burnt-out in preparing our wedding invitation, I suddenly got a YM message from the talented and artistic Nelwin Uy, our Photographer, that he already blogged our edited prenup pictures. He provided us the link, and I quickly click-on it.

Wahhh!! To be honest, my first thoughts were: Yikess... Scary!! hahahah! I have no doubts that the pictures will be Perfect!! It's more of seeing your picture in the photographer's blog, 'parang ibang feeling lang..?' (different feeling I guess). Since our Photographer is one of the in-demand photographer back in the Philippines, seeing your pictures in his blog is so so different as compare to my posting of our raw pictures here in my blog... hahaha!

So, clicking the link, Melchor and I were just in Awe!!! hahahaha! All our wedding energy finally woke up! hahaha! The pictures he posted we truly amazing! I love all our Raw Pictures already, but I love even more the pictures with his add-ons!!!

Not contenting to see the pictures in my laptop, what Melchor did was opened Nelwin's site on his own laptop, and I saw a glimpse of him, smiling all by himself! hahaha! Scrolling down up to the last pic Nelwin posted, I saw his smile as wide his 2 ears! hahaha! He was tremendously ecstatic, coz Nelwin also chose one of his favorite pic! hehe! 'So talagang masaya sya!' (He's truly happy!) hahahaha!! *can u guess his favorite pic? hahaha!

I'm spreading the news!! hahaha! told my mom, my friends, everyone! hahaha!
After the prenup pictorial, I have to admit that there were a lot of "what ifs", "we should have done this, went here, done that..". Though we cannot changed the event anymore, we love every single one of the pictures we took, and once in a lifetime prenup experience! We're confident on what we had those memorable days, and we just wished the days are longer... the roads are farther, the time was slower... We wished the days didn't end that quick!

Our pictures represented the feelings we have for each other, that we didn't know exist! hahaha! I personally is so used to taking pictures of Melchor's candid moments.. hahaha! So having someone capturing our moments together, seeing the pictures after... hahaha! It's so unbelievable!!!

As for the kisses!! hahaha! Though my mom got curious and asked some questions after showing her the pictures.. hahaha!

To Nelwin, Tey and Shrileen, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Thank you for coming here in Shanghai! We hope you had fun times in your stay here. Thank you also for capturing Our Love in your pictures! We love love love them! hehehe! :) See you all sa Big Day ah!!! :) (Yikes!! hahaha!)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

overdue deliverables!

We're so dead... it will be almost a month now, since our coordinator, Clarice Avinante, gave us time to think about the wedding invitation.
I realize now that I really really do need to provide the draft to Clarice, as she may need to take a break from everything, for it's her due time already.
And so far, I'm stressing out myself, because I felt, I still need more time to finalize this invitation wordings, etc! wahhhhhhhhhh!!

Stressed out!!! Anyway, I'm finalizing them na talga.. and Hopefully, I can email the draft and other concerns to her na!
Promise, will really really finalize the invitation na!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

my Dentist in Shanghai

Shanghai is now my new 3rd home place that I can consider. (Of course, Manila will still be THE HOME, and Palawan is my 2nd home).
So in case of having some health problems, I don't have too much of a choice but to find alternatives in place that I am now, which is here in Shanghai.

Last year, I encountered some tooth problems, I first visited a Korean dentist at Suntech Medical Center, but after 6 months, I had the same problem with the tooth he did!
After visiting last February 2008 to my ever reliable dentist back home in Manila, she suggested to have the tooth check again by the Korean dentist. Since I had some a not too good experience with finishing the said tooth, I kinda hold-on the pain, and hope it will go away.

After a couple of months since February, my tooth finally gave up! hahah! So what Melchor did was researched a good dentist, from the internet and also inquiring from his staff, we shortlist couple of choices, and finally curious to visit and try Hygeia Dental Care in Hong Mei Area.

I met up Dr. Jevon York, and with my experiences with other dentists, He's really good! hehehe! At par with my Dentist back in Manila. Communication with him is a breeze, since he's fluent in English, as well as in Chinese. He uses high quality materials, and finally yesterday was my last treatment visit for the other tooth, which I had him made porcelain crown! It costs almost half of what the Korean dentist was asking of me... Right now, I'm kinda getting used to this new crown, but Dr. York has really been patient, and I only have a lot of good things to say about him.

Here's the contact details of Dr. York - a good dentist here in Shanghai

Taking our pictures in front of Hygeia Dental Care - Yan An Road, Shanghai

In case u need a dentist to look into your troubled tooth/teeth, I highly recommend Dr. York.
Bye bye tooth pains! :)

something from SpiderMan 3

HBO has been showing Spider-Man 3 lately, and I guess it's hard not to watch since we haven't bought any new DVDs yet. There are a lot of new movies being shown in the US now.. but we have to wait a bit for the DVDs to be out here yet.

So while watching the Spider-Man 3, I caught a small quote that Peter Parker's Aunt Mary told him...
Aunt May: A man needs to put his wife before himself. Can you do that, Peter?

With that, I asked Melchor the same question. Hahaha! Of course, I think he will say what he must say. But other than that, I think this is the first questions that guys must ask themselves, before they finally propose to their girlfriends. Coz if you cannot answer this question, I guess you have to further prepare yourself.. hehe!

Monogram 2

Tested this new font and tried to create our monogram.... again!
What do u guys think? hehe :)
I used the colors that will be the Moms' gowns (my mom and Melchor's mom).. hehe :) i think.. hahaha!

Friday, July 04, 2008

His and Hers

Melchor have been exercising for the last couple of months.
He was determined to finally lose his extra pounds, and with that he's been reminiscing his good ol' Gym days. hehe!

Here in our dormitory, we do have a small gym, where he's been exercising profusely every morning, waking up the wee hours of around 5:30AM ata.. then, exercise for an hour ata.

Because of this, his arms have gain a few muscles and there... and here, just to illustrate the thickness of his arms, versus my upper legs.

hahaha! So almost same size already, right? hahaha!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Everyday Rings!

Last Monday, our Jeweler sent me a message thru YM that our 2nd set of Ring were finally finished.
Melchor and I were thrilled about this! We thought maybe we can finally have the engraving idea (previous post here) of Melchor be finally tried and made in these rings.

Anyway, to make the long story short, our final engravings for these rings will be MG 10.18.08 RRL
hehehe! okay naman dba... almost same as Melchor's idea.. hehe :)

We asked a picture from our jeweler. And after giving all my available email addresses, I finally received her email in my account! hehehe! :)

Here's the picture:
Pretty di ba?
Mine's the one with some stones... Melchor preferred a simple band for his everyday wear.

What do u guys think? Pretty dba? hahaha! can't wait! :)
I've requested the pictures of our 1st rings... hehehe! If I finally got the pictures, will post them here as well! :) exciting!! hahaha!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Prenup Venue Rundowns

Below are the detailed list Melchor did for the venues of our Prenup here in Shanghai.
The venues were pretty much where we had our pictures taken...
Overall, we had no qualms or whatsoever in choosing the places we visited.
We love our pictures! hihihi! Enough said! haha!

I shall re-compiled and re-arrange our pictures according to the list below... For easy reference na rin siguro! hahaha! :)

Fuxing Garden
* It was popularly known as French Park, styled after your typical Parisian city park with wide, tree-lined walks and flower beds.

Xin Tian Di
* A neighborhood of old Shikumen (a type of tenement found only in Shanghai) has been saved by a restoration that turned the old stone buildings into boutiques, clubs and restaurants. Xin Tian Di - literally, New, Heaven, Earth - is unique because of its concept of construction. It retains the antique walls, tiles and exterior of the Shikumen housing of old Shanghai.

Din Tai Feng
* The restaurant originates from Taipei. The Ding Tai Feng xiaolongbao are internationally famous, and the New York Times listed it among the ten best restaurants in the world back in 1993. Xiaolongbao (literally little basket buns), which are delicate parcels of pork or other fillings encased in a bread dough and steamed in bamboo baskets.
* The perfect xiaolongbao requires attention to detail in both the filling and the casing. The filling must be firm when cold so that the chef can work with it, yet gelatinous enough to turn soupy when steamed. Meanwhile, the casing must be thin enough for the bun to be delicate, but thick enough that it does not break apart when picked up with chopsticks. Get these two elements right and you have a xiaolongbao that bursts in the mouth in a succulent explosion.

City God Temple (Cheng Huang Miao)
* Located next to the Yu Garden and also known today as the Yu Garden Market. It is a busy market today, specializing in traditional arts and crafts. Over a hundred small stores stand side by side, beautifully laid with a large collection of commodities, each with its own unique feature and alive with shoppers, keeping the style of traditional Chinese town streets. Outside, however, it still looks like a temple.

Yu Yuan Garden
* The Yu Gardens, also known as the Yu Yuan Garden, is likely the most celebrated classical Chinese garden in Shanghai. Built in traditional Chinese style with numerous rock and tree garden areas, ponds, dragon-lined walls and numerous doorways and zigzagging bridges separating the various garden areas and pavilions.

Lost Heaven
* Lost Heaven unravels the mysteries surrounding many exotic cuisines. This stylish eatery serves a variety of dishes native to Yunnan Province, including that of several of the region's ethnic tribes (Dai and Miao, for example).

The Bund
* The word "Bund" means an embankment or an embanked quay, and comes from the Urdu word band, meaning an embankment, levee or dam. The Bund symbolizes Shanghai and Bund is an epitome of Shanghai's history. The most famous and attractive sight which is at the west side of the Bund are the 52 various buildings of different architectural styles including Gothic, Baroque, Romanesque, Classicism and the Renaissance.

City Dinner
* City Diner has emerged as one of the city's top late-night dining spot. The extensive menu ranges from all day breakfast to burgers and sandwiches, served in 'American-sized portions' and covered in green garnish.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower
* The tower, surrounded by the Yangpu Bridge in the northeast and the Nanpu Bridge in the southwest. This 468 meters high (1,536 feet) tower is the world's third tallest TV and radio tower surpassed in height only by towers in Toronto, Canada and Moscow, Russia.

Shanghai Science and Technology
* Shanghai Science and Technology is a large museum in Pudong, Shanghai, close to Century Park, the largest park of the city.

Century Square
* There is an "Oriental Light" sculpture standing at the cross where the Century Avenue and Yanggao Road meet. The sculpture has an upright height of 20 meters. With the sundial as its prototype, it is an interweaving network made up of stainless steel pipes, striking us with its grand majesty and delicate beauty as a whole.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Mall
* Nanjing Road of Shanghai, known as “China's premier shopping street”, is flanked by hundreds of huge shopping centers, specialty stores and shops with unique Chinese characteristics and a long history. Today Nanjing Road is a must-see metropolitan destination attracting thousands of fashion-seeking shoppers from all over the world.

The Bund
* The Bund has been regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years, is less than one mile in length, and is a popular desitnation for tourists. Walking along the Bund at night is a fascinating site, as the entire PuDong skyline (across the river) is illuminated, including the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the 2nd tallest building in the world - Jin Mao Tower.

I Love Shanghai
* I Love Shanghai is situated right across the ongoing construction on Zhongshan Lu.

Crystal Jade
* This venue in Xintiandi started it all in Shanghai, originally from Singapore where different outlets offer different cuisines from China, this one in Xintiandi is a standout for Cantonese food. Serves up arguably the best xiaolong bao (steamed dumplings with broth) and fantastic la mian (hand pulled noodles).

Pati pala restaurants, sinama na dito ni Melchor! hahahah! Oooppsss!!
But in case you'll be visiting Shanghai, you won't regret trying out the restos we visited! hihihi! :)

Prenup Pictures slideshow

I've already posted our RAW prenup pictures from Nelwin Uy in my Picasa web albums. (this site is pretty darn good! It doesn't take forever to upload pictures! hehe!)

There are still grouped according to the folders given to us.
I wonder if these slideshows will work here... hmmmm!! Let's give it a try then! :)

For groups 1 and 2 - the places we've visited are the following:
Fuxing Garden, Xin Tian Di, Cheng Huang Miao, Yu Yuan Garden, The Bund.

For groups 3 and 4 - we visited:
The City Diner, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Nanjing Pedestrian Walk, The Bund and I Love Shanghai!

Wow, they worked!

Let me know what you think! :) Can't help but checking out our pictures over and over again! One thing, I need to narrow down the tons of pictures to couple of favorites (which is not easy to do!). And Just can't help it and reminisce this fun time we had! hahaha! :)

Gifts for PS!

Today's July 1 already.. and yes, we're finishing the gift baskets for our Principal Sponsors.
Since Melchor and I are both here in Shanghai, for our wedding plans, we're very much relying to our coordinator, Clarice Avinante, and my Mom.

So like our Gift baskets for the PS, we entirely counting on my Mom's help.
I've been in constant communication with her, through YM. (yes, my Mom's high-tech already!)
And we informed her of our gift ideas, adding her knowledge with Chinese traditions and customs, we've finalized our gifts na!

Basically the gift basket consists of the following: misua, pork leg, red wine, sparkling juice, chocolates and cookies (some same in quantities, for pairs, we just added the quantities). They are all in 2 baskets, wrapped in tulle, and made-up with a ribbon! hahaha! Also, as per my Mom's advise, they also have the DOUBLE HAPPINESS in Gold and Red "
" word.

Here are the pictures of the basket in the making, the final basket, with my Mom and out picture together. As you may all noticed, yes, my Mom's too cool for us! hahaha! though sometimes she's makulit... I guess now we know why I am also makulit! hahahah!

My Mom and the Basket for our PS
Thank you very much Mama for this!
We won't be able to to do this without you! :)

big size!

Just like to blog my recent purchases...

Because of this:
I bought this big size:

And due to the lovely smell of this Shampoo:

I bought this super size! hahahaha! :)

I wasn't able to buy the conditioner... :)
Here were our pictures outside Carrefour Gubei ---

Parang wala bang magawa?? hahahah! Well, just love the J&J's Baby Bath e! :)