Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Hopping!

I love blog hopping these few days!
Especially by using Google Reader.. You can't be certain when our internet will block some websites, so I found that using Google reader's pretty useful!

I've subscribed to I don't know how many sites via the Reader. And I guess, being a crammer that I am, I look forward to checking out my reader, with 100+ unread items.. I actually get excited seeing a number more than 100 unread! hahaha! Do you find it weird?

Last Sunday, I know the number already went as low as 30 unread items, and I just can't help but to discover new sites again! So right now, I think it's in the 900++++ unread! hahaha!!

And one thing I also discovered, Engaged couples in the US also have their own Prenup Pictorial, which they call - Engagement Session! hahaha! Cool! Very Cool!

Here in Shanghai, they do have their own pictorial style, which they will just try on different dresses and attires, like European-type dresses, Japanese Kimono attire, the couple in wedding attires as bride and groom... etc. Then, the background will be made on something like a picture of a park, with trees, etc etc. This is really not my style though... I personally find this too stiff e! But this is only my preference.

Back to Blog Hopping, for those love to really read blogs, etc.. I suggest to use Google reader... it really really nice ah! Oh, but I believe you have to sign up a Gmail account.. ;)

Here's something interesting i found in this site:

Blog hopping IS NOT surfing the net and reading some blogs here and there at random. Blog hopping is when you find a few blogs that you think are really cool, written by people you can really relate to and you visit them regularly. These people feel a special bond towards each other and visit and comment on the blogs in their circle daily!

Hmmm... okay! :)
Well, since they're part of my reader already, I guess you can say that I visit them regularly... but I think not to the point of be-friending them stage.
Whatever it may be called, for me, I just love to check-out and read what they would write and look at their posted pictures! ;)

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