Thursday, July 31, 2008

Erica Lim PTRP

First thing I did upon opening my laptop early in the office this morning, I immediately checked the Physical Therapy board exam results. This is to check if my sister was in the list.

The PT-OT exam was held last 26th and 27th. Erica was one of the examinees, and I guess, being the only one in our family, who'll be trying this professional examination, we were all excited for her! hehehe!

Anyway, this blog is dedicated to Erica Bianca T. Lim, a big Congratulations, for a passing the PT Board!!! hehehe! :)

Congrats ah Erengenet! hahahaha! :)
Plan tayo shopping! hahahah! Oopppss! sana ndi makita ni Mg!

P.s. To add to this post, I'm touched with the comment that Erica posted in Nelwin'Uy s blog of our Prenup picture:
Touching dba.. hahahah!
Thank you very much Erica!! You have to help me na sa wedding preps! hahaha!

Congratulations again Erengenet!!!!!!
this picture was taken when I was in Manila last year.
Miss those good ol' relaxing days! hahaha!

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