Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Everyday Rings!

Last Monday, our Jeweler sent me a message thru YM that our 2nd set of Ring were finally finished.
Melchor and I were thrilled about this! We thought maybe we can finally have the engraving idea (previous post here) of Melchor be finally tried and made in these rings.

Anyway, to make the long story short, our final engravings for these rings will be MG 10.18.08 RRL
hehehe! okay naman dba... almost same as Melchor's idea.. hehe :)

We asked a picture from our jeweler. And after giving all my available email addresses, I finally received her email in my account! hehehe! :)

Here's the picture:
Pretty di ba?
Mine's the one with some stones... Melchor preferred a simple band for his everyday wear.

What do u guys think? Pretty dba? hahaha! can't wait! :)
I've requested the pictures of our 1st rings... hehehe! If I finally got the pictures, will post them here as well! :) exciting!! hahaha!

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