Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flower Girls

We'll be scheduling the visit of our 3 flower girls to Ding Marquez within the month.
I finalize the date with Melchor, to inform his sister Marilou, so that they can be conveyed in advance to the moms. With that, I asked help from my mom to call Ding Marquez tomorrow, so as to prepare him in case our 3 girls choose to visit his place this 19th and the last day being on the 26th.

Provided that, I will be emailing Ding the final chosen design for the FGs' dresses.
I kinda spent less than half of the time I did when I was researching ideas for the Female Entourage, Invitation, etc. etc.! hahahaha! :)

Anyway, my ideas for the flower girls are pretty simple... I just like them to be cute cute girls.. with petticoat dresses.. I also had the idea of a flower girls with long, curly hair.. cute, right?

I like the concept of the flower girls dresses of Us Angels and Mon Cheri Bridals. Here are the dresses I've rounded up before that caught my eye:

My Flower Girls design choices.
* I particularly love the 1st row, 1st left - The girl with the Long Hair!
It kinda reminds me of my flower girls days with my 2 pretty Aunts! hahaha!

But in the end, Melchor and I finalize the design into this:
Our Final Flower Girl gown design will be the combination of these 2 gowns

I actually forgot where I found the left FG design, I think at that time, I was looking for a green colored dresses for the Entourage... haha! For the right side gown, this was taken from Mon Cheri site.

I love the puffy skirt of the left! I don't think I need the FG to look like me or my female entourage.. I just like them to look cute as they can be! And we're choosing the small sleeves as design of their top (right picture), so in the end, we're combining the 2 designs as one. Oh, and also, for the colors, they'll be in Yellow and Rust (Dress color of Melchor's Mom).

I'll be sending these pictures to Ding Marquez tonight, as our idea for the flower girls dresses. Then, I hope to get his ideas and sketches, as the final design for the Flower Girls!

Can't wait! hahahah! :) Will update this, when I got the sketch! hihihi!
Oh, I still haven't blog the entourage gowns noh? hmm.. :)

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