Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gifts for PS!

Today's July 1 already.. and yes, we're finishing the gift baskets for our Principal Sponsors.
Since Melchor and I are both here in Shanghai, for our wedding plans, we're very much relying to our coordinator, Clarice Avinante, and my Mom.

So like our Gift baskets for the PS, we entirely counting on my Mom's help.
I've been in constant communication with her, through YM. (yes, my Mom's high-tech already!)
And we informed her of our gift ideas, adding her knowledge with Chinese traditions and customs, we've finalized our gifts na!

Basically the gift basket consists of the following: misua, pork leg, red wine, sparkling juice, chocolates and cookies (some same in quantities, for pairs, we just added the quantities). They are all in 2 baskets, wrapped in tulle, and made-up with a ribbon! hahaha! Also, as per my Mom's advise, they also have the DOUBLE HAPPINESS in Gold and Red "
" word.

Here are the pictures of the basket in the making, the final basket, with my Mom and out picture together. As you may all noticed, yes, my Mom's too cool for us! hahaha! though sometimes she's makulit... I guess now we know why I am also makulit! hahahah!

My Mom and the Basket for our PS
Thank you very much Mama for this!
We won't be able to to do this without you! :)

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