Sunday, July 06, 2008

my Dentist in Shanghai

Shanghai is now my new 3rd home place that I can consider. (Of course, Manila will still be THE HOME, and Palawan is my 2nd home).
So in case of having some health problems, I don't have too much of a choice but to find alternatives in place that I am now, which is here in Shanghai.

Last year, I encountered some tooth problems, I first visited a Korean dentist at Suntech Medical Center, but after 6 months, I had the same problem with the tooth he did!
After visiting last February 2008 to my ever reliable dentist back home in Manila, she suggested to have the tooth check again by the Korean dentist. Since I had some a not too good experience with finishing the said tooth, I kinda hold-on the pain, and hope it will go away.

After a couple of months since February, my tooth finally gave up! hahah! So what Melchor did was researched a good dentist, from the internet and also inquiring from his staff, we shortlist couple of choices, and finally curious to visit and try Hygeia Dental Care in Hong Mei Area.

I met up Dr. Jevon York, and with my experiences with other dentists, He's really good! hehehe! At par with my Dentist back in Manila. Communication with him is a breeze, since he's fluent in English, as well as in Chinese. He uses high quality materials, and finally yesterday was my last treatment visit for the other tooth, which I had him made porcelain crown! It costs almost half of what the Korean dentist was asking of me... Right now, I'm kinda getting used to this new crown, but Dr. York has really been patient, and I only have a lot of good things to say about him.

Here's the contact details of Dr. York - a good dentist here in Shanghai

Taking our pictures in front of Hygeia Dental Care - Yan An Road, Shanghai

In case u need a dentist to look into your troubled tooth/teeth, I highly recommend Dr. York.
Bye bye tooth pains! :)

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