Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Perfect Prenup Pictures!!

As Melchor and I are feeling burnt-out in preparing our wedding invitation, I suddenly got a YM message from the talented and artistic Nelwin Uy, our Photographer, that he already blogged our edited prenup pictures. He provided us the link, and I quickly click-on it.

Wahhh!! To be honest, my first thoughts were: Yikess... Scary!! hahahah! I have no doubts that the pictures will be Perfect!! It's more of seeing your picture in the photographer's blog, 'parang ibang feeling lang..?' (different feeling I guess). Since our Photographer is one of the in-demand photographer back in the Philippines, seeing your pictures in his blog is so so different as compare to my posting of our raw pictures here in my blog... hahaha!

So, clicking the link, Melchor and I were just in Awe!!! hahahaha! All our wedding energy finally woke up! hahaha! The pictures he posted we truly amazing! I love all our Raw Pictures already, but I love even more the pictures with his add-ons!!!

Not contenting to see the pictures in my laptop, what Melchor did was opened Nelwin's site on his own laptop, and I saw a glimpse of him, smiling all by himself! hahaha! Scrolling down up to the last pic Nelwin posted, I saw his smile as wide his 2 ears! hahaha! He was tremendously ecstatic, coz Nelwin also chose one of his favorite pic! hehe! 'So talagang masaya sya!' (He's truly happy!) hahahaha!! *can u guess his favorite pic? hahaha!

I'm spreading the news!! hahaha! told my mom, my friends, everyone! hahaha!
After the prenup pictorial, I have to admit that there were a lot of "what ifs", "we should have done this, went here, done that..". Though we cannot changed the event anymore, we love every single one of the pictures we took, and once in a lifetime prenup experience! We're confident on what we had those memorable days, and we just wished the days are longer... the roads are farther, the time was slower... We wished the days didn't end that quick!

Our pictures represented the feelings we have for each other, that we didn't know exist! hahaha! I personally is so used to taking pictures of Melchor's candid moments.. hahaha! So having someone capturing our moments together, seeing the pictures after... hahaha! It's so unbelievable!!!

As for the kisses!! hahaha! Though my mom got curious and asked some questions after showing her the pictures.. hahaha!

To Nelwin, Tey and Shrileen, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Thank you for coming here in Shanghai! We hope you had fun times in your stay here. Thank you also for capturing Our Love in your pictures! We love love love them! hehehe! :) See you all sa Big Day ah!!! :) (Yikes!! hahaha!)

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