Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shoes, anyone?

*Blooper, I accidentally posted a blank post! hahaha!

We have a nearby outlet here in Qingpu. We went there one time, to find shop for then upcoming prenup shoot. But instead of me finding some stuff I like, it's Melchor who found something he like! haha! That particular day, I think It was the Father's Day weekend, so the Men Stuff in Outlets did have some discounts.. And so, if Melchor found something he like, it's better to buy it then, right?

To be honest, the Outlets here is huge. I mean, huge places! hahaha! There are tons of brands available, but of course, being from the Philippines, you tend to compare the prices by multiplying their amount into the Philippine Peso, and realize that it's not that cheap or the discount is not enough. Me personally tend to just window shop. Unless, I really find something I need... But let me see, since I've been here in Shanghai last 2006 October, I think I bought less than 10 stuff from there. haha!

So, walking hand in hand, with no particular item to look at, Melchor got curious by the shoes display in one of the store:
We entered the particular store, and of course, ask this and that.. look at their other designs.. and Melchor thought it's not cheap.. so he was skeptic in buying.. hahaha! I told him to think it over, since it's really not cheap, but it look very nice..

During the entire afternoon, Melchor can't keep that shoes off his mind na! So, we revisited that store, and yes, Melchor finally decided on to buy that shoes. :)

It fit perfectly, eh...?

Melchor bought a nice Zegna shoes for his wedding day. Of course it was bought discounted from Mall Retail price. I think Melchor's pretty happy with the shoes.. hahaha! He kept on asking what I thought about the shoes... well, it's a nice pair naman e! hahaha!

But I think the most important thing is that, Melchor likes his shoes! :)

Can't resist to Smile, while holding the Shoes, huh?
hahahaha! :)

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