Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wedding Favors

Melchor and I at first thought that we may not need to provide wedding favors/souvenir to our guests. Since we've been increasing our wedding budgets here and there... we thought we can save a little by not arranging or thinking anything as souvenirs.

But after some suggestions with fellow colleagues here in Shanghai, though its okay not to give favors, it may be expected from us. So I guess it will be nice if we can arrange and think of a wedding favor to give to our guests.

With that in mind, I kinda researched some cute wedding favors. But before, I have to admit that we already thought of having Fabfoto Booth in our wedding. These are like FotoMe booth wherein pictures will be printed after 1 min or so. hehe! Fantastic, right? I personally think that the guests will have fun with it... Well, I myself will have fun if I'll attend a wedding with that kind of souvenir. hehehe. Due to some constraints at that time, we kinda let go of booking them at that time.

I did some research for the souvenir, I came up with these fabulous ideas, in case I will have to physically prepare the souvenirs. I found these at Beau-coup wedding favors, which I really really love! I was already thinking of sourcing the items needed from here...

Here are the Favors I liked, Courtesy of Beau-coup website
They're cute, di ba?

In end, after meeting up with our photographer as they came over here for our prenup pictorial, Melchor liked the thought of the photobooth in our wedding! hehe! Yes, we finally decided to have Fabfoto Booth in our Wedding! yahooo!!!! We hope the guests will have fun with it! I know that my sister Erica would enjoy it very much! hahaha! And I guess due to her encouragement din, we know that we made the right decision in booking and choosing Fabfoto!

The Logo's too little ba? hahaha!
courtesy of Fabfoto Booth

We just have to make sure that every guests will visit the booth and have their picture taken!
And another thing, we have to let them know that the booth is FREE!! hahaha! Or else, they may be reluctant to try it! hahaha! Can't wait! hehe!

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