Sunday, July 27, 2008

Water Towns!

As blogged 2 days ago, we visited Xitang, Zhejiang this almost whole day. We left our dormitory around 7:45AM, and came back around 6:00PM.
It was so much fun!! But I guess, with age getting to us already, we're also very tired! hahaha!

So far, words are not flowing very much now because of tiredness, and I'm just waiting my hair to dry out in order for me to call it a night.

But one's thing for sure, I will blog about our experience soon, share the pictures, and of course, reminisce our July 27 day in Xitang.

If you're looking for a place to visit here in China, and also if you're here in Shanghai... please make time to visit Xitang, Zhenjiang. It's website is found here.
There are other Watertown places here as well.. you have choose from below:
Zhu Jia Jiao
PICTURES are from their website
So far, here are the pictures of those places, you can visit their sites, and plan your travel and tour ahead. :) The website are full of info, which Melchor and I also used today. Though it would have been better if we watched the Mission Impossible 3 movie last night, in order to really point out the place where Tom Cruise was running during the film! hahaha! okay lang, we were also tired last night.

Oh, I saw 2 more water towns here in China... WuZhen and Tongli. Will look into their sites ah, and maybe update soon.

Tah tah for now.. but will blog very soon! hehe!

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