Friday, July 25, 2008

Xitang! Here We come!

We're going to Xitang on Sunday!!! hahahaha!!
Melchor's brother, Marvin, will be coming to Shanghai tomorrow, and with that, we'll be meeting him and accompany him around here, and then go to Xitang on Sunday! hehehe!

Well, Xitang is the part of the scene in Mission Impossible 3, wherein Tom Cruise was seen running fast, and shouting "Zou Kai! Zou Kai!" (Scram!) haha!

I know we've should have visit here, when our photographer, Nelwin Uy came here... so as to see the beautiful view of the old Chinese houses/life in the past. But alas, we were unable to foresee much ahead. hehe :)

Oh well... at least, we get to see Xitang now.. and hopefully, we can take a lot of pictures there! Will post them here ah! :)

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