Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Melchor and I went out in the afternoon, for a brief relaxing day out.. We went to Hymall Tesco in Qibao, buy some DVDs, and of course, eat Sichuan Food. Melchor had his hair cut, and I kinda started buying some stuff to bring home.

Home, the word sounds so promising.. as Melchor and my future lies in this trip home.. and we return to Shanghai as husband and wife. Scary isn't it.. but yes, that our future lies.. in our coming to Manila on September 25.

We bought a bit of DVDs, as we have missed out a lot of movies for the past few months.

What we first watched tonight was Kung Fu Panda.. and boy, it's a really funny and great movie! hahaha! I have to rethink everything first, to really absorb the moral story of the movie. hahaha!

It's the last Sunday for the month of August, and the last day! Tomorrow will be the 1st of September na! Wahhh!! Time pass by so fast... and it's a bit starting to scare me! hahaha!

Hope we can finalize a lot of stuff this week. I like to see if the entourage can finally fit on their dresses, as well as the moms! hihih! Then, to email Alex Franco for the Cake design, and tomorrow morning, I just have some revisions in the Chinese Inserts for the Write Impression.

Also, I like to look into the new Canon Eos 50D. I've always love taking pictures of a lot of things.. So I have to save up for a SLR Camera.. Melchor's also been interested in Photography, and I hope we can both get into more of this interest that we're starting to love.

Hoping for a great month ahead! I know it will... we're going home on the 25th!! hihihih!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go for the Invites!

After rigorous research, late night checking for designs, websites... We've finally approved the layout presented to us by The Write Impression.

First off, I like to say Thank you to my sister, Erica. I think I finally finished the invites, all because of her! hahahaha! If not for her help, I think I still be doing and haven't finalized anything yet for the invite! hahaha! She also helped us finalize the combination of the whole thing! The card color, the paper type, the font color! hahahah! I think she was most stressed and bugged by me during those afternoon! hahahaha! :)

Then, for my mom, for helping us research what to write for the Chinese Inserts. hehehe!

To The Write Impression, particularly Joanne, for her patience and help! hahaha! Can you believe that we received total of 7 Drafts from her! hahaha! And the last 2 ones were merely due to our foolishness! hahaha! So, with her patience and assistance, I feel that we were able to finalize the invite fast na rin. Also Joanne was very helpful to my sister, and her openness to try new stuff, new design helped us a lot, in making sure that we really will be having the invitation card we really want.

Lastly, to Melchor... hahaha! He did the PSD layout for the Chinese invites. Although it will still be presented to the Chinese layout artist of TWI, I think it sped up things din... And of course, Melchor's patience... I think he knows already that I want to have the Invitation that I want.. and he's truly is supportive of me. And in the end, I think we both found the invitation we want. haha!

Yes, truly a happy day! So we signed the approval sheet earlier, and sent them to TWI. I hope to receive the Chinese layout tomorrow, so that we can also finalize it as well. As we weren't able to finalize the invites this Monday, I still hope that we can still receive the invites by September 20. hahaha! *Crossing my fingers!*

I shall share my final invites design after I received and approved the Chinese layout. So that it will be a complete set. Surely, I'm excited to see the final copy! hahaha! With TWI, I'm sure they'll be nice! hahaha!

Finalizing the Invites!

I know I've posted a lot of ideas and concerns regarding my Invites.
But just this week, we're on the roll in doing and really really finalize the design and layout and everything! I have to admit that the schedule's pretty tight... We'll be going back to Manila on the 25th of September, and we hope to have some 10 copies here to send out to colleagues and people here in Shanghai. So with that in mind, Melchor and I are pretty pressured.. hahahaha!

For the past few months, we've been in communication with our Invites supplier, The Write Impression. I guess with my quest for finding the right invites that I want, I tend to really slow down and really really find the design that I want, the font color I like, the fonts to be used, the design on the main card.. the wordings, the paper type.. hahaha! Yeah, I want all of that to be perfect as I want it to be. I want to personally think of all that stuff... research about them, use my instinct and gut feel, in order to get and finalize what I want... Yes, it's very tiring, I know.. Even Melchor kinda fed-up with me na! hahaha! But in the end, all I want is to have the invitation that I want.. and the perfect for us.

I actually planned to finalize the invites last 1st of August... then it was dragged on and on and on... hahahaha! Then finally, I got some draft from TWI last week... All I can say is that it's really really hard to convey details like the invitation when you're very far away. I wished I was in Manila in order to quickly finalize and explain my ideas, etc. But since we're here far away, what we did were emails, and communicate via chat. I was getting a bit frustrated because I want to personally attend to the invites, then my sister Erica saved us! hahaha!

I asked Erica to visit TWI last Tuesday. She was there for the whole afternoon! hahaha! Can u believe that? While she's personally seeing the materials, etc etc., we're also communicating via YM, so that I can also let her know my ideas and my thoughts to what she was looking on. And yes, I trust my sister's judgment. Although we have somewhat different taste, being older by 9 yrs from her.. hahaha! I think what I like about Erica and what happened yesterday is that, all my ideas and concerns were met, and that's what I like about them! I have to say Thank you so much to TWI, for their patience. hahaha! Yesterday, we were able to finalize the invite design, paper materials, invite color, font color.. hahaha! With that, I received some drafts from TWI, 2nd draft last night (Thank you!) and 3rd draft this morning! hahahaha! :)

This afternoon, Erica once again visited their office, and we were able to finalize: font for the text and couple's name.... entourage layout.. main card layout.. and I throw-in new ideas for the main card, which TWI will email to me tomorrow for the FINAL FINAL approval! hahahaha!

Melchor did the Chinese invite draft tonight, which we will also forward to them, for their final Chinese layout. hahaha! With the final idea that I just told them earlier this afternoon, they'll be preparing some drafts for me to see tomorrow... then I guess that's about it na! hehehe :)

I think I'm super happy that I've thought of my sister helping us to finalize the invites. Also I'm tremendously happy and appreciate the efforts of TWI (Thank you Joan!!!!), for their patience and understanding. hahaha! And with my final approval tomorrow, I hope to receive the invites on the dates before Melchor and I will go back to Manila.

I'm excited to see the final draft na! I hope I can finally like and approve on the design I've asked them to do for me! Yehey!!! hahahah! So Happy!! Hope I'll be happier tomorrow!

Then, next project for me is the Cake Design na! wahhhhhhhh!! ey Melchor, cake design na noh!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics Closing Ceremony

Today's the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.
Time flies so fast, that it seems just yesterday that the Whole China was into the Opening of the Olympics, and after 16 days... witnessing Michael Phelps overpass the gold medal count, watching the gymnast do their perfect routine and stumble at times... switching to CCTV channel, to hear updates for the games and medal count.. trying to catch if the Philippines can win any medal, the 16 days event are now finally over.

And right now, I'm seeing Leona Lewis, Jimmy Page and David Beckham in TV! Known British cool people, at the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, for the passing of the Olympics flag for the 2012 London Olympics! Wahhh!!!

I hope that Melchor and I can visit London before 2012. My brother's in London now! hahaha! I hope he'll still be there by that time! okay yun dba! hahaha! Who knows! I'm here in China, in time for the 2008 Olympics.. and it will be a blast, if Ron's still there in London when the next Olympics will start. :)

August 4th week Update

As we're nearing the end of August, and will start the "BER" months soon, I'm trying to figure out the particular feeling that I'm having right now. To be honest, I still felt that I need need need more time, to read and look into things that I like for my wedding. hahaha! Can't have enough noh?

We're still finalizing the invitation, as I received my first layout draft, and I still have to improve more about it. Hope that I can finalize them within the week. haha! I need to have some invitations here on hand with me in Shanghai, before we finally went to Manila on the 25th of September. As requested by the Write Impression, I've already written our Chinese invite, which we shall be emailing to them tomorrow. hehe :) It's a bit funny to write again in traditional Chinese words, as I've started getting used to the Simplified Chinese words.

As updated with our coordinator, Clarice, we're into processing our Marriage license in Manila already. Wedding banns were posted in the Parish near our houses na. hehe :)

On Tuesday, my Mom will deposit our reservation with Discovery Weekend.. and I finally cleared with Clarice that our interview with Santuario de San Jose can still be held in October. Phew! I thought we need to go to Manila next month.. in order to attend the interview a month ahead of our wedding date. hehe :)

Our Cake maker, Alex Franco also texted me to asked about the 3 flavors needed for my 3 upper layer! wahh!!! I have to update him that I'll be changing the designs of the Cake na rin! Before, Melchor decided to have the Basket weave design kasi e.. but upon checking out, etc, I feel that Basket weave are so oldie design!! Pleaseeeeee!! dba? Basta I want something simple and elegant design lang. So I need to do that also within the week!

Finally emailed our Save the date! Hope to get responses, as Melchor and I need to finalize the guests list na! wahahahha!

I still have to decide a lot of stuff.. I hope I can start focusing on choosing and deciding more of the details.

So far, that's it for now. I have full pack work ahead of me within this week, and I need to make sure that my off-work time will be more productive in terms of planning the biggest event of our lives.

ESL Chinese name!

It's a bit funny that as we're doing the Chinese inserts for the invites, I've encountered 3 Chinese names version for Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. hahaha!
ESL1 - 邑沙香格里拉大酒店
ESL2 - 厄沙
ESL3 - 艾沙

The ESL1 was from my mom... ESL was from invite supplier.
So I've checked the website of ESL, and found that they do have a Chinese name pala! And that's the ESL3. hehe!
We'll be using the ESL3 for the invites.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Been Awhile!

I can't believe that I've been missing out blogging these past few days.
I guess I kinda felt tired, in things..? hahaha! I'm truly not sure.. hehe :)

To recap some of the things that has happened with us...
Marie went back to Manila already. We had a despedida for her, as she organized an outing as her send-off party. We went to Jinshan City Beach last Sunday - Aug. 17, 2008. The pictures are now uploaded in my Picasa Album here! Lunch now seems quieter compare to before, and I know we missed Marie's bubbly talks during lunches. hehe :)

Melchor and I finally finalized our Invitation design. Though I wanted to spend more time and to research more about what I really really want, I think I've spent too much time researching and trying to find what I really want. With that, we hope to finalize everything by this weekend, and hope to receive the invites after 20 days! wahhh!! 'Aabot pa ba!!!' Well, kelangan paabutin! hahaha!

Also, we already bought the neckties for the male entourage here in Shanghai. And we're currently in the lookout for the neck ties for Melchor's Dad and our Principal Sponsors, which is super duper tiring to find!!! All we can find now, well, if they have the quantity, but don't have the right color. And when we finally found the perfect shade to partner with our Female Principal Sponsors, they don't have 6pcs naman! super kakainis!!

My brother, Ron, already left for UK. I'm hoping he can make it to the Oct. 18 celebration... As of now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Congrats to Nelwin Uy, for being featured in Manila Bulletin! hehehe! Galing talaga!

I know I have a lot to catch up, as I know that it's actually less than 2 months left for the big day! Wahh!! Scaryyy!!! We need to catch up with our planning... We will catch up.. that's for sure!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rooting for China..?

Since at present, Melchor and I are located here in Shanghai, China.
It's hard not to root or get impressed with the China Olympics players.
Aside from the Chinese players, of course, I'm rooting for some favorites, like the popular Michael Phelps of the US Team. hehe! Also the Team USA Basketball, Williams sisters.
That's all I can say for now. I guess I just find it weird, that I'm silently rooting for the Team China.
hahaha! :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Beijing Olympic Games 2008

I'm sure everybody here in China have their eyes glued to TV tonight!
The Opening Ceremony is now starting!
And as you may all know, the stadium being built from scratch stands in Beijing - The Birds Nest Stadium... (this was always shown in Discovery Channel). As spectacular as the Stadium, the Opening presentation is breathtaking as China planned it to be!
I think we're still in the middle of the opening.. hehe :)
I just like to blog and say, Happy 888 to all!
Great Olympic Ceremony!! heheh!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Final Save the Date!

We finally agreed on and finalized our Save the Date.
Yehey! hehehe! We're so happy! 'Coz we've done it already, TOGETHER! yiheee!!
I'm not sure when we shall send these to our friends.. I guess when we finally done with our Invites? hahaha! Naku!! Another fussing nanaman! hahaha!

It's nice naman, dba? hehe :)

Shrine of Jesus

As I'm lulling myself to sleep, by re-reading my previous post, I forgot to include that my Mom, Aunt and I visited Shrine of Jesus last year September.
I was considering Shrine of Jesus for our Church wedding... When we visited, there was a wedding at that time, and we kinda sat and feel the church for a while. haha!

I find SOJ have ample parking space, nice facade outside, good ventilation.
But being the way that I am, I kinda don't like the feel of sea air... They kinda turn sticky kasi e.
They have swivel doors.. haha! The wedding we saw, well, the soloist is good! *it's a guy, but I overlooked about it na.. but I remembered, my Aunt commented that the soloist is very good! hehe!*
(sino kaya yun..? hahaha!)

Inside is nice as well... Though not as long aisle as I wanted to be..
For me, the Church is Wide.. but short.. but it's nice! hehehe
We also visited the Office, to ask about the Church requirements, and kinda pencil booked...
But it's the feeling e! hahaha!

So far, these are just my comments.. hahaha! :) Of course, it will be better to visit the place personally, to feel the church, etc... As we can only have the most memorable wedding in our lives at this age, just have to choose by feelings.. and perhaps by destiny..? hahaha!
I'm getting mushy here! hahaha!

Let me share the pictures we took at that time.. hehe :)
I was at my car that time, and took the outside picture of SOJ

Inside SOJ
That's Shrine of Jesus... :)

Can't Sleep

I'm working on something... I can't sleep.. hahaha!
I hope to get positive feedbacks about that something!!
Wahhh!! Please please please lang!! hehehe :)

I'm checking the past works of that something now!! wahhh!!
It's really something... hmmm.. Sana lang talaga...
I've already won MG over this, but I know that this will be all on me!

As they said, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be... right?
I hope the lucky stars are looking down on me now! hahahah!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

doing our Save the Date!

As I'm waiting for feedbacks from my Coordinator, Invitation Supplier and others, Melchor and I are trying to squeeze our creative juices, to do our Save the Date for our friends, etc.

I have to admit that I was never an artistic person. I draw like kid, and I think if you asked me to draw a house, a girl, etc., I will be able to draw as what I drew when I was in grade 1! hahaha! My other siblings are more artistic than me, and I think I will leave all of that to them na. hehe..

So come planning for wedding, as you all may be aware of, it requires a bit of creative mind, color-combination, blending details... and boy, finalizing the motif colors were hard enough, but I want my wedding to be customize to both our personalities! So I don't have much a choice but to try and try and try to be a little creative, even if I'm not! hahaha!

I made some Save the Date long before we enter the last 2 months of the wedding. It's so simple, because I'm not too knowledgeable with any graphic software naman! hahaha! Though I love to learn, and I hope I can do so in the coming years... hahaha!

Here's the STD I made eons ago!!
Too simple noh? hahaha! Well...... I did my best you know! hahahaha!
But of course, as we enter our final 2 months, Melchor and I are try our very best to make a more presentable Save the Date! hahaha!
We're still doin' it now... but I hope I can post it as soon as we both feel comfy with it.

Oh, btw, Melchor did one earlier! hahaha!
Not bad, right? Thank you Melchor! hehe :)
So there you go, I did one, Melchor did one.
And now, we're doing our last one, Together.... :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Necktie for the Bro!

Since it's August already, I plan to finish 90% of the preps within this month.
I personally prefer not to congest everything in the last month before the wedding.
So I'm promising myself to finalize 90% of the wedding stuff within the month..
Good Luck Ria! hahaha!

We started scouting our Necktie for our Principal Sponsors, Entourage, Melchor's dad and my Brother.
We plan to give out Arrow brand Neck ties, as we feel they're nicely done and very elegant.
We did found one very nice for my brother Ron.
Since he'll be partnering with my mom, his necktie will match with my Mom's gown color.
Pretty dba? hehe :)
Ey Ron, okay ba ang necktie mo? hehe! What do u think?

We found a silvery-white necktie, which Melchor didn't resist to try out! hahaha!
Melchor, 2nd look perhaps? hahahah! :)

We hope to find the Necktie for the Principal Sponsor, Entourage and Melchor's Dad this weekend!
WahhH!! sana mahanap na!! :)

Marvin in Shanghai

Last July 26 and 27, Melchor was giddy.. hahaha!
That's because his brother, Marvin was in Suzhou for the weekday of that week, and will spend the weekends here in Shanghai. So Melchor planned that we go out of town for that Sunday (which we did, we went to Xitang! I will post our experience soon. haha!), and then meet on Saturday, for some shoppings for Marvin.
* Our Xitang pictures can be found here.
Oh btw, if you'll notice, Melchor and I wore the shirts we use during our last day of pictorial with Nelwin Uy! hahaha! Coincidence really! We didn't talked and planned about it, AT ALL! hahaha!

Of course, shopping won't be complete without some picture taking.
As you may notice, Melchor and Marvin have the same posing, stance... etc. hahaha!
They're really brothers! wahahhaa!
We ate lunch at Crystal Jade in Grand Gateway.. shop around Grand Gateway, the Computer city nearby.. went to Parkson's Hong Qiao, and ate at Coco Curry House nearby.
We went home a bit late that night, and have to wake up early the next day.
But we had tremendous fun! And though it was only 2 days that weekend, we expect Marvin to visit us soon, for another rendezvous, maybe in Suzhou! :)
Also pala, Melchor and I hope that Marvin can find his Juliet soon!
My future bro-in law is a real gentleman! hahaha! Ladies, give me a buzz if you like to get to know him! :) hahaha! Sorry Marvin! :D

Picture last Saturday

FCC Shanghai Restaurant was full of details of everything.
Of course we love to our own picture... hehe! The place was so white inside! Though we were not seated in the clear windows area.. I find the flowers display in my back were pretty pretty pretty!
Our Solo Pictures were manipulated in our Digicam
hahaha! cool, huh? :)
Our pictures while waiting for our feast! hahaha!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Vietnamese Lunch!

Melchor and I had lunch yesterday at FCC Shanghai.
I was downloading a lot of cooking recipes, and Vietnamese food was one of them.
So last Saturday, Melchor and I decided to go downtown, and I started researching for a good Viet food here in Shangahi.

I discovered FCC Shanghai.. which is located near Hua Shan road. Its address is 889 Ju Lu Road near Chang Shu Road. It's located in Ju Lu Road, and I love that place, as that's where Shintori restaurant is located. It's a cozy street, with a lot of restaurants.
Anyway, the place is very nice! We arrive almost 1PM already, and found that they are still a lot of people having lunch there.

The good stuff we ordered: Appetizer Set, Soft Shell Crab in Spicy Salt, Tenderloin Beef, Pho Noodles, and due to suggestion of Debbie, I also tried the Prawn in Sugar Cane.

Melchor and I were very satisfied with our Lunch! I love the Pho soup! It's not the same as the one in Pho Hoa back in the Philippines, but it's the closest I tried here in Shanghai. (Also tried Saigon Blue and Pho).

Definitely: 5 Spoons! The ambiance is nice and clean.. the Comfort room's very unique! hahaha! Overall, we enjoyed our Lunch.. We feel that MSG content is not too much.
Will surely go back when we start craving for Viet food again! hehe :)
*will add our pictures next time.. as Melchor's fussing about our Digicam now. hehe :)

Friday, August 01, 2008

it's August already!

August is one of the most anticipating month here in China.
As you all know, 7 more days to go, for the opening of Olympics here in Beijing.
Post Office are strict since May... I heard from Marie that security in Beijing are tight as well.
*Happy birthday Marie!!! hehe It's her birthday today! haha!*

To connect this month of August with me, I kinda dread the month of August, ever since I remembered.
Because of 1 reason only: I tend to go bankrupt every August! hahaha! My 3 siblings all have their birthdays fall in August! hahaha! Happy birthday to you all! No more gifts for now, but please help me in my wedding preps noh!

As it's already August now... I have 2 months and so for the coming of our big day!! Wahhh!!
I need to start dieting this month na! Also, I have to finalize the Invitation soon!! Wahhh!!
So much to do.... so little time!! huhuhu!

To add or not to add!

I will admit, I'm used to getting what I want. I guess being the eldest, I tend to strive and work for things that I want to buy, to get, etc. etc.

Fast forward to our wedding preparations, I have to admit that I have the most influence in choosing the details of our big day. C'mon!!! Of course, what the bride wants, the bride needs to get, right?

So, when I discovered the website of MangoRed, I know that I wanted them to be somehow part of my wedding. But my groom's playing safe, and I'm starting to hate him! hahaha!

I have so much I want for my wedding. Of course, this is one of the most memorable event in our lives! hay.. wahhhh!!!! I want MangoRed!!!!! huhuhuhuhu!!! I just need to find a way to get what I want.. hahahahaha!