Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 4th week Update

As we're nearing the end of August, and will start the "BER" months soon, I'm trying to figure out the particular feeling that I'm having right now. To be honest, I still felt that I need need need more time, to read and look into things that I like for my wedding. hahaha! Can't have enough noh?

We're still finalizing the invitation, as I received my first layout draft, and I still have to improve more about it. Hope that I can finalize them within the week. haha! I need to have some invitations here on hand with me in Shanghai, before we finally went to Manila on the 25th of September. As requested by the Write Impression, I've already written our Chinese invite, which we shall be emailing to them tomorrow. hehe :) It's a bit funny to write again in traditional Chinese words, as I've started getting used to the Simplified Chinese words.

As updated with our coordinator, Clarice, we're into processing our Marriage license in Manila already. Wedding banns were posted in the Parish near our houses na. hehe :)

On Tuesday, my Mom will deposit our reservation with Discovery Weekend.. and I finally cleared with Clarice that our interview with Santuario de San Jose can still be held in October. Phew! I thought we need to go to Manila next month.. in order to attend the interview a month ahead of our wedding date. hehe :)

Our Cake maker, Alex Franco also texted me to asked about the 3 flavors needed for my 3 upper layer! wahh!!! I have to update him that I'll be changing the designs of the Cake na rin! Before, Melchor decided to have the Basket weave design kasi e.. but upon checking out, etc, I feel that Basket weave are so oldie design!! Pleaseeeeee!! dba? Basta I want something simple and elegant design lang. So I need to do that also within the week!

Finally emailed our Save the date! Hope to get responses, as Melchor and I need to finalize the guests list na! wahahahha!

I still have to decide a lot of stuff.. I hope I can start focusing on choosing and deciding more of the details.

So far, that's it for now. I have full pack work ahead of me within this week, and I need to make sure that my off-work time will be more productive in terms of planning the biggest event of our lives.

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