Friday, August 22, 2008

Been Awhile!

I can't believe that I've been missing out blogging these past few days.
I guess I kinda felt tired, in things..? hahaha! I'm truly not sure.. hehe :)

To recap some of the things that has happened with us...
Marie went back to Manila already. We had a despedida for her, as she organized an outing as her send-off party. We went to Jinshan City Beach last Sunday - Aug. 17, 2008. The pictures are now uploaded in my Picasa Album here! Lunch now seems quieter compare to before, and I know we missed Marie's bubbly talks during lunches. hehe :)

Melchor and I finally finalized our Invitation design. Though I wanted to spend more time and to research more about what I really really want, I think I've spent too much time researching and trying to find what I really want. With that, we hope to finalize everything by this weekend, and hope to receive the invites after 20 days! wahhh!! 'Aabot pa ba!!!' Well, kelangan paabutin! hahaha!

Also, we already bought the neckties for the male entourage here in Shanghai. And we're currently in the lookout for the neck ties for Melchor's Dad and our Principal Sponsors, which is super duper tiring to find!!! All we can find now, well, if they have the quantity, but don't have the right color. And when we finally found the perfect shade to partner with our Female Principal Sponsors, they don't have 6pcs naman! super kakainis!!

My brother, Ron, already left for UK. I'm hoping he can make it to the Oct. 18 celebration... As of now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Congrats to Nelwin Uy, for being featured in Manila Bulletin! hehehe! Galing talaga!

I know I have a lot to catch up, as I know that it's actually less than 2 months left for the big day! Wahh!! Scaryyy!!! We need to catch up with our planning... We will catch up.. that's for sure!

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