Wednesday, August 06, 2008

doing our Save the Date!

As I'm waiting for feedbacks from my Coordinator, Invitation Supplier and others, Melchor and I are trying to squeeze our creative juices, to do our Save the Date for our friends, etc.

I have to admit that I was never an artistic person. I draw like kid, and I think if you asked me to draw a house, a girl, etc., I will be able to draw as what I drew when I was in grade 1! hahaha! My other siblings are more artistic than me, and I think I will leave all of that to them na. hehe..

So come planning for wedding, as you all may be aware of, it requires a bit of creative mind, color-combination, blending details... and boy, finalizing the motif colors were hard enough, but I want my wedding to be customize to both our personalities! So I don't have much a choice but to try and try and try to be a little creative, even if I'm not! hahaha!

I made some Save the Date long before we enter the last 2 months of the wedding. It's so simple, because I'm not too knowledgeable with any graphic software naman! hahaha! Though I love to learn, and I hope I can do so in the coming years... hahaha!

Here's the STD I made eons ago!!
Too simple noh? hahaha! Well...... I did my best you know! hahahaha!
But of course, as we enter our final 2 months, Melchor and I are try our very best to make a more presentable Save the Date! hahaha!
We're still doin' it now... but I hope I can post it as soon as we both feel comfy with it.

Oh, btw, Melchor did one earlier! hahaha!
Not bad, right? Thank you Melchor! hehe :)
So there you go, I did one, Melchor did one.
And now, we're doing our last one, Together.... :)

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