Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finalizing the Invites!

I know I've posted a lot of ideas and concerns regarding my Invites.
But just this week, we're on the roll in doing and really really finalize the design and layout and everything! I have to admit that the schedule's pretty tight... We'll be going back to Manila on the 25th of September, and we hope to have some 10 copies here to send out to colleagues and people here in Shanghai. So with that in mind, Melchor and I are pretty pressured.. hahahaha!

For the past few months, we've been in communication with our Invites supplier, The Write Impression. I guess with my quest for finding the right invites that I want, I tend to really slow down and really really find the design that I want, the font color I like, the fonts to be used, the design on the main card.. the wordings, the paper type.. hahaha! Yeah, I want all of that to be perfect as I want it to be. I want to personally think of all that stuff... research about them, use my instinct and gut feel, in order to get and finalize what I want... Yes, it's very tiring, I know.. Even Melchor kinda fed-up with me na! hahaha! But in the end, all I want is to have the invitation that I want.. and the perfect for us.

I actually planned to finalize the invites last 1st of August... then it was dragged on and on and on... hahahaha! Then finally, I got some draft from TWI last week... All I can say is that it's really really hard to convey details like the invitation when you're very far away. I wished I was in Manila in order to quickly finalize and explain my ideas, etc. But since we're here far away, what we did were emails, and communicate via chat. I was getting a bit frustrated because I want to personally attend to the invites, then my sister Erica saved us! hahaha!

I asked Erica to visit TWI last Tuesday. She was there for the whole afternoon! hahaha! Can u believe that? While she's personally seeing the materials, etc etc., we're also communicating via YM, so that I can also let her know my ideas and my thoughts to what she was looking on. And yes, I trust my sister's judgment. Although we have somewhat different taste, being older by 9 yrs from her.. hahaha! I think what I like about Erica and what happened yesterday is that, all my ideas and concerns were met, and that's what I like about them! I have to say Thank you so much to TWI, for their patience. hahaha! Yesterday, we were able to finalize the invite design, paper materials, invite color, font color.. hahaha! With that, I received some drafts from TWI, 2nd draft last night (Thank you!) and 3rd draft this morning! hahahaha! :)

This afternoon, Erica once again visited their office, and we were able to finalize: font for the text and couple's name.... entourage layout.. main card layout.. and I throw-in new ideas for the main card, which TWI will email to me tomorrow for the FINAL FINAL approval! hahahaha!

Melchor did the Chinese invite draft tonight, which we will also forward to them, for their final Chinese layout. hahaha! With the final idea that I just told them earlier this afternoon, they'll be preparing some drafts for me to see tomorrow... then I guess that's about it na! hehehe :)

I think I'm super happy that I've thought of my sister helping us to finalize the invites. Also I'm tremendously happy and appreciate the efforts of TWI (Thank you Joan!!!!), for their patience and understanding. hahaha! And with my final approval tomorrow, I hope to receive the invites on the dates before Melchor and I will go back to Manila.

I'm excited to see the final draft na! I hope I can finally like and approve on the design I've asked them to do for me! Yehey!!! hahahah! So Happy!! Hope I'll be happier tomorrow!

Then, next project for me is the Cake Design na! wahhhhhhhh!! ey Melchor, cake design na noh!!!

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