Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go for the Invites!

After rigorous research, late night checking for designs, websites... We've finally approved the layout presented to us by The Write Impression.

First off, I like to say Thank you to my sister, Erica. I think I finally finished the invites, all because of her! hahahaha! If not for her help, I think I still be doing and haven't finalized anything yet for the invite! hahaha! She also helped us finalize the combination of the whole thing! The card color, the paper type, the font color! hahahah! I think she was most stressed and bugged by me during those afternoon! hahahaha! :)

Then, for my mom, for helping us research what to write for the Chinese Inserts. hehehe!

To The Write Impression, particularly Joanne, for her patience and help! hahaha! Can you believe that we received total of 7 Drafts from her! hahaha! And the last 2 ones were merely due to our foolishness! hahaha! So, with her patience and assistance, I feel that we were able to finalize the invite fast na rin. Also Joanne was very helpful to my sister, and her openness to try new stuff, new design helped us a lot, in making sure that we really will be having the invitation card we really want.

Lastly, to Melchor... hahaha! He did the PSD layout for the Chinese invites. Although it will still be presented to the Chinese layout artist of TWI, I think it sped up things din... And of course, Melchor's patience... I think he knows already that I want to have the Invitation that I want.. and he's truly is supportive of me. And in the end, I think we both found the invitation we want. haha!

Yes, truly a happy day! So we signed the approval sheet earlier, and sent them to TWI. I hope to receive the Chinese layout tomorrow, so that we can also finalize it as well. As we weren't able to finalize the invites this Monday, I still hope that we can still receive the invites by September 20. hahaha! *Crossing my fingers!*

I shall share my final invites design after I received and approved the Chinese layout. So that it will be a complete set. Surely, I'm excited to see the final copy! hahaha! With TWI, I'm sure they'll be nice! hahaha!

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