Friday, August 01, 2008

it's August already!

August is one of the most anticipating month here in China.
As you all know, 7 more days to go, for the opening of Olympics here in Beijing.
Post Office are strict since May... I heard from Marie that security in Beijing are tight as well.
*Happy birthday Marie!!! hehe It's her birthday today! haha!*

To connect this month of August with me, I kinda dread the month of August, ever since I remembered.
Because of 1 reason only: I tend to go bankrupt every August! hahaha! My 3 siblings all have their birthdays fall in August! hahaha! Happy birthday to you all! No more gifts for now, but please help me in my wedding preps noh!

As it's already August now... I have 2 months and so for the coming of our big day!! Wahhh!!
I need to start dieting this month na! Also, I have to finalize the Invitation soon!! Wahhh!!
So much to do.... so little time!! huhuhu!

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