Sunday, August 31, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Melchor and I went out in the afternoon, for a brief relaxing day out.. We went to Hymall Tesco in Qibao, buy some DVDs, and of course, eat Sichuan Food. Melchor had his hair cut, and I kinda started buying some stuff to bring home.

Home, the word sounds so promising.. as Melchor and my future lies in this trip home.. and we return to Shanghai as husband and wife. Scary isn't it.. but yes, that our future lies.. in our coming to Manila on September 25.

We bought a bit of DVDs, as we have missed out a lot of movies for the past few months.

What we first watched tonight was Kung Fu Panda.. and boy, it's a really funny and great movie! hahaha! I have to rethink everything first, to really absorb the moral story of the movie. hahaha!

It's the last Sunday for the month of August, and the last day! Tomorrow will be the 1st of September na! Wahhh!! Time pass by so fast... and it's a bit starting to scare me! hahaha!

Hope we can finalize a lot of stuff this week. I like to see if the entourage can finally fit on their dresses, as well as the moms! hihih! Then, to email Alex Franco for the Cake design, and tomorrow morning, I just have some revisions in the Chinese Inserts for the Write Impression.

Also, I like to look into the new Canon Eos 50D. I've always love taking pictures of a lot of things.. So I have to save up for a SLR Camera.. Melchor's also been interested in Photography, and I hope we can both get into more of this interest that we're starting to love.

Hoping for a great month ahead! I know it will... we're going home on the 25th!! hihihih!

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