Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Marvin in Shanghai

Last July 26 and 27, Melchor was giddy.. hahaha!
That's because his brother, Marvin was in Suzhou for the weekday of that week, and will spend the weekends here in Shanghai. So Melchor planned that we go out of town for that Sunday (which we did, we went to Xitang! I will post our experience soon. haha!), and then meet on Saturday, for some shoppings for Marvin.
* Our Xitang pictures can be found here.
Oh btw, if you'll notice, Melchor and I wore the shirts we use during our last day of pictorial with Nelwin Uy! hahaha! Coincidence really! We didn't talked and planned about it, AT ALL! hahaha!

Of course, shopping won't be complete without some picture taking.
As you may notice, Melchor and Marvin have the same posing, stance... etc. hahaha!
They're really brothers! wahahhaa!
We ate lunch at Crystal Jade in Grand Gateway.. shop around Grand Gateway, the Computer city nearby.. went to Parkson's Hong Qiao, and ate at Coco Curry House nearby.
We went home a bit late that night, and have to wake up early the next day.
But we had tremendous fun! And though it was only 2 days that weekend, we expect Marvin to visit us soon, for another rendezvous, maybe in Suzhou! :)
Also pala, Melchor and I hope that Marvin can find his Juliet soon!
My future bro-in law is a real gentleman! hahaha! Ladies, give me a buzz if you like to get to know him! :) hahaha! Sorry Marvin! :D

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