Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Necktie for the Bro!

Since it's August already, I plan to finish 90% of the preps within this month.
I personally prefer not to congest everything in the last month before the wedding.
So I'm promising myself to finalize 90% of the wedding stuff within the month..
Good Luck Ria! hahaha!

We started scouting our Necktie for our Principal Sponsors, Entourage, Melchor's dad and my Brother.
We plan to give out Arrow brand Neck ties, as we feel they're nicely done and very elegant.
We did found one very nice for my brother Ron.
Since he'll be partnering with my mom, his necktie will match with my Mom's gown color.
Pretty dba? hehe :)
Ey Ron, okay ba ang necktie mo? hehe! What do u think?

We found a silvery-white necktie, which Melchor didn't resist to try out! hahaha!
Melchor, 2nd look perhaps? hahahah! :)

We hope to find the Necktie for the Principal Sponsor, Entourage and Melchor's Dad this weekend!
WahhH!! sana mahanap na!! :)

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