Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympics Closing Ceremony

Today's the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.
Time flies so fast, that it seems just yesterday that the Whole China was into the Opening of the Olympics, and after 16 days... witnessing Michael Phelps overpass the gold medal count, watching the gymnast do their perfect routine and stumble at times... switching to CCTV channel, to hear updates for the games and medal count.. trying to catch if the Philippines can win any medal, the 16 days event are now finally over.

And right now, I'm seeing Leona Lewis, Jimmy Page and David Beckham in TV! Known British cool people, at the Bird's Nest stadium in Beijing, for the passing of the Olympics flag for the 2012 London Olympics! Wahhh!!!

I hope that Melchor and I can visit London before 2012. My brother's in London now! hahaha! I hope he'll still be there by that time! okay yun dba! hahaha! Who knows! I'm here in China, in time for the 2008 Olympics.. and it will be a blast, if Ron's still there in London when the next Olympics will start. :)

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