Thursday, August 07, 2008

Shrine of Jesus

As I'm lulling myself to sleep, by re-reading my previous post, I forgot to include that my Mom, Aunt and I visited Shrine of Jesus last year September.
I was considering Shrine of Jesus for our Church wedding... When we visited, there was a wedding at that time, and we kinda sat and feel the church for a while. haha!

I find SOJ have ample parking space, nice facade outside, good ventilation.
But being the way that I am, I kinda don't like the feel of sea air... They kinda turn sticky kasi e.
They have swivel doors.. haha! The wedding we saw, well, the soloist is good! *it's a guy, but I overlooked about it na.. but I remembered, my Aunt commented that the soloist is very good! hehe!*
(sino kaya yun..? hahaha!)

Inside is nice as well... Though not as long aisle as I wanted to be..
For me, the Church is Wide.. but short.. but it's nice! hehehe
We also visited the Office, to ask about the Church requirements, and kinda pencil booked...
But it's the feeling e! hahaha!

So far, these are just my comments.. hahaha! :) Of course, it will be better to visit the place personally, to feel the church, etc... As we can only have the most memorable wedding in our lives at this age, just have to choose by feelings.. and perhaps by destiny..? hahaha!
I'm getting mushy here! hahaha!

Let me share the pictures we took at that time.. hehe :)
I was at my car that time, and took the outside picture of SOJ

Inside SOJ
That's Shrine of Jesus... :)

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