Friday, August 01, 2008

To add or not to add!

I will admit, I'm used to getting what I want. I guess being the eldest, I tend to strive and work for things that I want to buy, to get, etc. etc.

Fast forward to our wedding preparations, I have to admit that I have the most influence in choosing the details of our big day. C'mon!!! Of course, what the bride wants, the bride needs to get, right?

So, when I discovered the website of MangoRed, I know that I wanted them to be somehow part of my wedding. But my groom's playing safe, and I'm starting to hate him! hahaha!

I have so much I want for my wedding. Of course, this is one of the most memorable event in our lives! hay.. wahhhh!!!! I want MangoRed!!!!! huhuhuhuhu!!! I just need to find a way to get what I want.. hahahahaha!

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