Sunday, August 03, 2008

Vietnamese Lunch!

Melchor and I had lunch yesterday at FCC Shanghai.
I was downloading a lot of cooking recipes, and Vietnamese food was one of them.
So last Saturday, Melchor and I decided to go downtown, and I started researching for a good Viet food here in Shangahi.

I discovered FCC Shanghai.. which is located near Hua Shan road. Its address is 889 Ju Lu Road near Chang Shu Road. It's located in Ju Lu Road, and I love that place, as that's where Shintori restaurant is located. It's a cozy street, with a lot of restaurants.
Anyway, the place is very nice! We arrive almost 1PM already, and found that they are still a lot of people having lunch there.

The good stuff we ordered: Appetizer Set, Soft Shell Crab in Spicy Salt, Tenderloin Beef, Pho Noodles, and due to suggestion of Debbie, I also tried the Prawn in Sugar Cane.

Melchor and I were very satisfied with our Lunch! I love the Pho soup! It's not the same as the one in Pho Hoa back in the Philippines, but it's the closest I tried here in Shanghai. (Also tried Saigon Blue and Pho).

Definitely: 5 Spoons! The ambiance is nice and clean.. the Comfort room's very unique! hahaha! Overall, we enjoyed our Lunch.. We feel that MSG content is not too much.
Will surely go back when we start craving for Viet food again! hehe :)
*will add our pictures next time.. as Melchor's fussing about our Digicam now. hehe :)

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