Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sept 18 - 30 days left!!

Earlier, my sister Erica and I were sending messages thru YM, and she typed: 30 days.
I answered back, "anong 30 days?"
Then, I realized that she's once again and again and again, reminding me of the days left before October 18. I guess I was too preoccupied in the office work, that I really really just wishing this week will be over soon! I'm dreading tomorrow, 'coz of the visitors we'll be having, then on Monday, there's another set of visitors coming over from somewhere! So much for my plan for a relaxing week.

So swamped with work earlier, I wasn't able to catch something that I like to remind me of my own countdown.

Well, my good friend Sheryl went to work today, and I'm very thankful as she's unselfishly sharing her tips and notes to me for the coming big day.

Am I excited for October 18 na ba? I still can't feel much about it. I just hope it's September 25 already!!! wahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lovely September 17!

Today was pretty hectic day for me. I started the day tackling some issues, and things got pretty tight for the whole day, and I'm not too happy about it. I'm also a bit irritated now!! I wanted to check more about wedding details, but I was distracted watching dvd earlier titled "Made of Honor". Hahahaha! It's a nice movie though.

But I got a surprise message earlier from good friend, Sheryl. I think I blogged about her last Sunday, for that her big day! Hahaha! Sheryl and Dwight tied the knot last Sunday in Manila, and I saw a bit of preview pictures from Marie's picasaweb, and I was itching to see more!! So She sent me a message earlier, I was happy that she's back in Shanghai already. She shared some of her experiences last Sunday, and the link of the Photo AVP that our photographer took and shown to the guests in their reception. Here's the Youtube link. And checking the pictures of their special day made me all warm and happy! In spite of the hectic day, I'm so glad to come home and receive happy news from one of my most fave people!

We've finally got a schedule for a visit to French Embassy, that will be on Monday, September 29. That's good news right? Melchor and I just have to think of how we gonna go to the Embassy, as my vehicle is coding on Mondays.

In completing our documents for the Visa requirements, after a week of talking and asking and inquiring from our bank, Bank of China, here in Shanghai, we finally got the Original Bank Certificate! As the banks here are pretty stable and sigurista, they want us to fixed the deposit into the no. of days we like the certificate to be valid! hahahaha! :) So with all the brouhaha, we got the certificate na! It's not free ah! It costs Rmb 20.00 each, and since we're applying to 2 embassies, we had 2 copies made for each other, total costs Rmb 80.00.

To commemorate today, here's the certificate that we had made by BOC:
We just have the Employment Certificate to complete tomorrow, then I think we can tentatively submit these documents to the travel agency! heheh :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surprising September 16!

Today was a typical working day. Coming from a sort of Long weekend, things started pretty hectic in the few hours, then it went slow. I'm waiting for some emails, etc.

When Ms. Yang Ai Zhu and Ms. Ni Jin came in to my office, holding this red box, I kinda hoping "that doesn't have anything to do with me, right? hahaha!" Ms. Yang was holding this red box, with Ms. Ni at the side, and they're going to my direction!! hahaha!

I was really surprised and I guess I just don't know what to say then! haha! I'm touched with their sincerity. Ms. Yang and Ms. Ni are part of my favorite people from Accounting Department, and I'm deeply happy that they thought of a gift for me and Melchor.

Ms. Yang asked me to open it, my smile was ranging from my left to right ear already! hahaha!
And there I saw what inside and both of them quickly explained the item to me.
This is what they called:子孙桶 or Zi Sun Tong (in Mandarin) or direct translation to Son and Grandson Barrel. This is part of the China's wedding tradition. I'm actually not sure if I had seen this kind back home, but based from my research now: "The set of Zi Sun barrel consists of three parts: a basin (Jiao Pan, 脚盆) symbolizing affluence; a close stool (Ma Tong, 马桶) symbolizing children and greater happiness and a bucket (Shum Tong, 水桶) symbolizing diligence and aspiration." - Taken from Tie d Knot, Chinese Dowry and Life of Guangzhou.

Earlier Ms. Yang and Ms. Ni were explaining this to me, of course, since I was a bit surprised, I seem to only understand a couple of their explanation. hahahaha! I quickly researched about this, and saw some Chinese explanations in this website here. I quickly shared the site to Melchor, Erica and Ever! hahaha! :)
Chinese info taken from here.

In the end, Melchor and I are deeply touched with their thoughtfulness. I think I mentioned to Ms. Yang that we're starting to pack things in our individual rooms and transfer to the suite room here. Hahaha! I know Melchor was surprised as well, that's why we both personally thank them once again. hehe :)

I like to thank Ms. Yang and Ms. Ni for their wonderful gift. I think the best gift that I received here is their kindness and helpfulness in our working together everyday! I sincerely like them very much and I have nothing but praises for them. Thank you very much, from Melchor and Ria.

I think when we come back in November, we shall have this displayed in our room, and I think we need to put some peanuts, candies, red dates inside the bucket and stool area..? hahaha! :) Cool! Something I can munch on next time! ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

rainy September 15...

Tomorrow will be the first day of the work week, so Melchor and I usually allot the day before the work week just bumming around the dorm. We did toyed the idea of going somewhere today, and look for some goodies to bring back home, but the rain finally decided the plans for the day, which is to just stay home! hahaha!

I'm hearing lightning and thunder right now, and Melchor do agreed it's good thing we stayed home! hahaha! So what we kinda did earlier, was start arranging my stuff here at my room.

I've been a bit lucky that I wasn't in town whenever our family have a big transfer to another place moment, and I guess, being the way that I am, I really hate transferring and packing! In order to do something useful and fruitful for the holiday, we kinda started packing my books, magazines, dvds, cds and some small stuff appliances here in my room.

At present, I have 2 boxes near my TV! hahaha! Inside contains some books and magazines I have here, and also some DVDs, etc. I wonder Melchor's plan on how to bring these heavy boxes upstairs! hahahaha! I can't wait to see that! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today's September 14

Today started pretty slow one for us. Melchor and I are used to bumming around the dormitory every Sunday, since we try to go out every Saturday. But this weekend is a new one to us. September 14 is the Chinese date for the Mid Autumn day, that's why the China government declared a 3-day non-working holidays starting Yesterday till Monday.

So just bumming around the dorm, I caught up with my 2 sisters, Erica and Ever, for some sharing of ideas, updates and chatting with each other. Also included in our chatting was Melchor. hehehe! Odd man out ba? But he was a bit busy in looking for the serviced apartment that we'll be staying in Manila.

After just spending the whole afternoon here, we decided to go to the Outlets store. I was thinking of getting my Mom a bag for her daily use, and maybe another bag for Ever... Then, I like to find good buys to be brought home for Erica, Aunts and Cousins.. maybe like nice dresses or something for them.. But alas, since I get impatient quickly, I kinda get tired of trying to fuss around when checking out the first rack don't have anything that caught my eye. Of course, another factor is the price! I have a policeman with me (that's Melchor), which every now and then, I try to ask if there's something nice that he saw, that I wasn't able to check out.

We ate at Sweeties, our favorite at Outlets... and for the pic of the day, I think I will upload the Bichu Bichu that I've ordered from Sweeties! You may ask why, right? hahaha! Since the first time visited the resto, I always ask and ordered for this Bichu Bichu, but it's always unavailable! For today, we've finally ordered it! hahahah!

Oh, and I also like to blog and congratulate my fellow bride, Sheryl and Dwight!
They tied the knot this afternoon, and I saw some preliminary pictures and they're quite stunning!
Sheryl's gown is soooo beautiful! hahahaha! I just saw Marie's pictures from the wedding, and they're pretty already! I hope to see Sheryl and Dwight's day in Nelwin Uy's site soon! hihihi :)
Best Wishes Sheryl and Dwight!! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Countdown to September 25!

Melchor and I will take our leave on the 25th of September.
Personally, I feel I'm more excited to the thought that we'll be home once again.
To see our families, relatives and friends, and I guess we have another reason to celebrate,
Our Wedding.

It's kinda freaky saying that! hahaha! Sorry Melchor! hahaha!
Maybe it's so weird that I remember that exactly September 14, I learned that we have good day for a wedding! hahaha! And I sent a Message to Melchor and then he just said "Yes, let's proceed" via YM Chat! hahaha!

I'm counting down our final days here in Shanghai. Then, after that, countdown to October 18.
hahahahaha! The thought I think scares me more! :)

Today, Melchor and I had a sort of misunderstanding! Pano! Kamote si Mg! hahahaha!
But later today, we of course had to work it out... I need a roll of tissue paper kasi e, and he keeps the tissue rolls in his room! hahaha!

Tomorrow, will have a half day work, then, we're off to the City to meet Kim. hahaha!
We'll have lunch together, she requested Western food!

Here's Melchor scouting for our place of stay after the big day... while waiting for the day we depart for our honeymoon! hahahaha!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Doing our Guests List!

I have to admit, I'm having a not so easy time finalizing the guests list.
I like to invite all, but due to seats constraints, I have to limit everything.
This goes the same for my mom and Melchor. I think they're also having a hard time checking out their list. hehehe!
But I have to thank my sister, Erica, who has been helping us with this guests list religiously.
So, Thanks ah Erica! heheh :)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cuff Links and Belt!

After weeks of looking, scouting, finding, researching, calculating, Melchor finally chose his cuff links and belt. The boyfriend is very picky in this part. I guess with our ballooning budget, we really need to be practical in our spendings.

Yesterday, we went out to find things.. as we don't want to wait for the last minute before we make and choose the things we need to bring home, we need to start finding the right things na to bring home! And so, we went to Oriental Mall to look for things.

Then we arrived to the 2nd floor, wherein there's a Hugo Boss area. Before that, we were already keen on the Salvatore Ferregamo that we saw the last time. But it's price is just too much!
Our choices for the cuff links were as follows:
- Salvatore Ferregamo
- Gucci
- Givenchy
- Zegna
- Canali
- Mont Blanc

Among the brands I've listed above, the most expensive one here is the Mont Blanc.

Our Hugo Boss visit was actually for the belt. Knowing Melchor, if we've stayed for more than 5 minutes in that brand, it only meant that Melchor seems to be liking that particular thing and the price! hahahahah!

The belt display caught Melchor's eye, and with the encouraging words of the Saleslady that they're having a 10% off, I think that made us stay longer in that area. 10% off on all their items seem to be the best thing that can finally make Melchor really choose and buy something.

So with that, we first chose the cuff links. There are 2 cuffs there and which helped us choose faster. The saleslady tried the 2 on their white shirt, and we choose the one more squarish of the 2. The other one was more flater and rectangular-ish. hehe :) Yes, we got the cuff links! hahaha! It looks really nice! I actually love the Ferregamo, but this Hugo Boss cuffs look fab as well.

After 1 round of walking and looking for Mg's Dad's Tie, we once again arrived at the Hugo Boss area, and Melchor finally decided to really buy the belt! hahaha! I told you, since Melchor stayed more than 10 minutes or even 20 minutes in the Boss area, for sure he already eyeing and wanting something there! hahaha!

Melchor tried the 2 belts he wants, and finally decided on getting the belt I also want for him! hahaha! I also have my favorites of course, but the price is a bit higher compare to the other one.

Melchor's goodies!
Cuffs and Belt :)

So in the end, Melchor's pretty happy with our purchases. hihihi! And I think he already topped my wedding attire costs.. with his tux, shoes, cuff links, belts... i think it's more than my gown na! hahaha! :)

and the Blog goes Private!

Last Friday, I received a message from an unknown reader of my blog. I'm actually flattered that my blog has started to have its own readers, especially for those bride to be's. I love to help out people, and I guess with planning of my own wedding, I was thinking this blog can actually be my own vehicle to help out others, with my researches and choices.

Sad to say, what happened last Friday triggered a bit of fear in me. I'm actually not a very scary person, but with the planning and everything and all details of my wedding here in the blog, I guess I have to put this blog into a private mode.

I received a message from a guy who said he's a bartender in Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. After that I emailed our ESL Events Manager, Annalee Sy, to ask her if they do have the person's name in their workers list. I think I need to be safe than sorry! hahaha!

But I'm still blogging for my own purpose! hahah! I mean, I would like my sisters, cousins and friends to be able to read my journey towards the Big Day, and maybe my kids when the time comes, hahaha! So, regardless of having a bit fear in things I cannot control, I have to start thinking of our safety first before others.


Melchor and I are watching Sex and the City the Movie right now, and it's so heavenly to see Mr. Big again! hahaha! Dreamy in fact! With the Penthouse apartment and the Closet thing!! hahahaa!!
Right now, it's in the middle of the movie, and I'm hating Mr. Big right now! If ever that Melchor will do the same thing to me, I will kick Melchor's ass! hahahaha! :)

I'm trying to find the closet of the new apartment supposedly for them. I like that ah! hahaha! I mean, if ever that we get our own pad, I hope we can also have that closet - walk in closet!

We still have 30mins left in the movie, and I hope to get inspiration from this movie.. maybe in life and others.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Looking for a Service Apartment

Melchor's starting to panick already, and I'm turning to a Bridezilla na! hahaha!
He's looking for a place to stay, after the wedding and before we leave for our Honeymoon.
So, we're currently researching where we can stay, and boy, it's not easy!
We did toyed the idea of spending some days off to somewhere like Boracay, Tagaytay or wherever, but since we were hardly stay in Manila long, we opt to just meet up and spend time with families, we'll just be staying in Manila... maybe do some shopping? hahahah! :)

Our choices as of now are:
1) Somerset Millenium
2) Somerset Olympia
3) Somerset Salcedo
4) Ascot Makati - How I wish! hahaha
5) Linden Suites
6) Discovery Suites
7) Fraser Place
8) Edsa Shangri-La - our very own wedding IT place

I guess with us here still in Shanghai, it's a bit hard to really inquire from Manila. We're just using the info readily available to us, and we just hope that our email inquiry that Melchor's sending right now will be answered immediately! hahaha! :)

Thursday, September 04, 2008

my VIP!

I can say that I owe my existence to the 2 most important people in my life: My Mom and My Granny!
Well, my Mom is the most unselfish person I've ever met and the most enduring one. In spite of all hardship life can over, I always know that she will get through everything! With our Dad taken away from us 13 yrs ago, my Mom had all 4 of us finished college. Who can top that Super Mom!?!?!

My granny is the most patient person in this world! hahaha! She will always make sure that everybody's not hungry, and everybody will have their full, whatever the time it may be. She's the one who took care of me when I was a toddler and Mom was in work then.
This blog is dedicated to them.. My backbone and pacifier. hahaha!
2 people who never fails to bring out the best in me! hahaha! :)

Monday, September 01, 2008

Our Yummy Wedding Cake!

I'm cheery today! I've emailed Alex Franco for the design of the cake, and he immediately replied to my roaming Globe number! woohoo!! yipeee!!!

Early this year, one of the suppliers we were able to meet was Alex Franco.
I have to admit that Melchor was a bit aloof, and was kept on telling me that we're just meeting Mr. Franco that evening. So we went to the Chowking resto in Mandaluyong City - Pasig Area.

And so we went that night, and talked to the friendliest and the most humble famous cake maker we've ever met. What happened that night was just the way I expected it.... Mr. Alex Franco had won us over and over again! hahahah! He taught us how to cut a cake already! hahaha! (And I think I have to remind Melchor before the big day! hahaha!)

At that time, Melchor chose a basket weave type design for our 5 layer All-edible. As my previous post about our menu at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, we replaced the desserts for another meal, and with that we'll be serving the bottom 2 layer of our cake to the guests. So we also chose flowers in our cake, and then, flowers and fruits on the side table of the cake. hehe :) At that time, we chose also green as part of the basket weave, and green flowers..? hahaha! :) Here's the possible cake design if we really went on with the basket weave, taken from one of the AVPs from Alex Franco's wedding (forgot where exactly na!):
Beautiful, isn't she?
So fast forward... I kinda started my research once again.... hahahaha! For cake design.. I guess deep down, I felt that the basket weave was too complicated..? hahahaha! Sorry!! But this is just me! :) I visited websites, where the cake design caught my eye. I think I have around more than 40 cake designs in my Cake Design folder! hahaha! :)

We finished our meeting with Alex, with everything covered... our design, the flavor of our bottom 2 layer cake, schedule, time for their arrangement in ESL, etc... and also, we learned that we don't have to pay any down payment! hahaha! And the big plus! We received a sample cake from him!
It's a bit challenge to cut the cake of Alex Franco! hahaha
But it looks really really lovely!
Sample palang yan ah! :)

But I think what triggered me to really find the design of the cake was when I received a text message from Alex, reminding me to give him my choices for the upper 3 layers of the cake. So with the help once again of Erica, we finally chose our cakes. I found something I like from The Knot.
The Knot ba..? or The Brides? hahahaha! I'm not sure na! But bottom line, I FOUND IT!

So, Melchor and I finally chose this:
Erica also approved!!! I like the one on the right, and with that, I'd emailed Alex Franco tonight, for this design and I also hope that we can also get the flowers with that color - Green and Turquoise! :)
And after few minutes I received from him, with this message: "Got your email Ria on flavors and Design, all changes noted na and possible to do". He reads email fast and replies fast ah! :)

So I have reason to be cheery, right? We're finalizing stuff one by one already. And I think we're almost done finalizing the Tie for the Principal Sponsors! Erica will be helping us buy them in Manila, and since it's not normal that the particular store will have more than 5pcs stocks, she'll be calling in to finally order, and then get them when the store finally completed them.

Other than that, we've also decided with the watch we like. As we're nearing our maximum budget for the wedding, we like something that can be squeeze in our budget. hehe :) Will update this post regarding the tie and the watch!

Oh, and we also got our wedding rings! hahahaha! I'm thinking of posting it.. and I guess... soon...??
I'm more concern with the fitting of my entourage and my mom and Melchor's mom! I hope it will be really soon!! hahahaha! :)