Friday, September 12, 2008

Countdown to September 25!

Melchor and I will take our leave on the 25th of September.
Personally, I feel I'm more excited to the thought that we'll be home once again.
To see our families, relatives and friends, and I guess we have another reason to celebrate,
Our Wedding.

It's kinda freaky saying that! hahaha! Sorry Melchor! hahaha!
Maybe it's so weird that I remember that exactly September 14, I learned that we have good day for a wedding! hahaha! And I sent a Message to Melchor and then he just said "Yes, let's proceed" via YM Chat! hahaha!

I'm counting down our final days here in Shanghai. Then, after that, countdown to October 18.
hahahahaha! The thought I think scares me more! :)

Today, Melchor and I had a sort of misunderstanding! Pano! Kamote si Mg! hahahaha!
But later today, we of course had to work it out... I need a roll of tissue paper kasi e, and he keeps the tissue rolls in his room! hahaha!

Tomorrow, will have a half day work, then, we're off to the City to meet Kim. hahaha!
We'll have lunch together, she requested Western food!

Here's Melchor scouting for our place of stay after the big day... while waiting for the day we depart for our honeymoon! hahahaha!

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