Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cuff Links and Belt!

After weeks of looking, scouting, finding, researching, calculating, Melchor finally chose his cuff links and belt. The boyfriend is very picky in this part. I guess with our ballooning budget, we really need to be practical in our spendings.

Yesterday, we went out to find things.. as we don't want to wait for the last minute before we make and choose the things we need to bring home, we need to start finding the right things na to bring home! And so, we went to Oriental Mall to look for things.

Then we arrived to the 2nd floor, wherein there's a Hugo Boss area. Before that, we were already keen on the Salvatore Ferregamo that we saw the last time. But it's price is just too much!
Our choices for the cuff links were as follows:
- Salvatore Ferregamo
- Gucci
- Givenchy
- Zegna
- Canali
- Mont Blanc

Among the brands I've listed above, the most expensive one here is the Mont Blanc.

Our Hugo Boss visit was actually for the belt. Knowing Melchor, if we've stayed for more than 5 minutes in that brand, it only meant that Melchor seems to be liking that particular thing and the price! hahahahah!

The belt display caught Melchor's eye, and with the encouraging words of the Saleslady that they're having a 10% off, I think that made us stay longer in that area. 10% off on all their items seem to be the best thing that can finally make Melchor really choose and buy something.

So with that, we first chose the cuff links. There are 2 cuffs there and which helped us choose faster. The saleslady tried the 2 on their white shirt, and we choose the one more squarish of the 2. The other one was more flater and rectangular-ish. hehe :) Yes, we got the cuff links! hahaha! It looks really nice! I actually love the Ferregamo, but this Hugo Boss cuffs look fab as well.

After 1 round of walking and looking for Mg's Dad's Tie, we once again arrived at the Hugo Boss area, and Melchor finally decided to really buy the belt! hahaha! I told you, since Melchor stayed more than 10 minutes or even 20 minutes in the Boss area, for sure he already eyeing and wanting something there! hahaha!

Melchor tried the 2 belts he wants, and finally decided on getting the belt I also want for him! hahaha! I also have my favorites of course, but the price is a bit higher compare to the other one.

Melchor's goodies!
Cuffs and Belt :)

So in the end, Melchor's pretty happy with our purchases. hihihi! And I think he already topped my wedding attire costs.. with his tux, shoes, cuff links, belts... i think it's more than my gown na! hahaha! :)

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