Friday, September 05, 2008

Looking for a Service Apartment

Melchor's starting to panick already, and I'm turning to a Bridezilla na! hahaha!
He's looking for a place to stay, after the wedding and before we leave for our Honeymoon.
So, we're currently researching where we can stay, and boy, it's not easy!
We did toyed the idea of spending some days off to somewhere like Boracay, Tagaytay or wherever, but since we were hardly stay in Manila long, we opt to just meet up and spend time with families, we'll just be staying in Manila... maybe do some shopping? hahahah! :)

Our choices as of now are:
1) Somerset Millenium
2) Somerset Olympia
3) Somerset Salcedo
4) Ascot Makati - How I wish! hahaha
5) Linden Suites
6) Discovery Suites
7) Fraser Place
8) Edsa Shangri-La - our very own wedding IT place

I guess with us here still in Shanghai, it's a bit hard to really inquire from Manila. We're just using the info readily available to us, and we just hope that our email inquiry that Melchor's sending right now will be answered immediately! hahaha! :)

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