Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lovely September 17!

Today was pretty hectic day for me. I started the day tackling some issues, and things got pretty tight for the whole day, and I'm not too happy about it. I'm also a bit irritated now!! I wanted to check more about wedding details, but I was distracted watching dvd earlier titled "Made of Honor". Hahahaha! It's a nice movie though.

But I got a surprise message earlier from good friend, Sheryl. I think I blogged about her last Sunday, for that her big day! Hahaha! Sheryl and Dwight tied the knot last Sunday in Manila, and I saw a bit of preview pictures from Marie's picasaweb, and I was itching to see more!! So She sent me a message earlier, I was happy that she's back in Shanghai already. She shared some of her experiences last Sunday, and the link of the Photo AVP that our photographer took and shown to the guests in their reception. Here's the Youtube link. And checking the pictures of their special day made me all warm and happy! In spite of the hectic day, I'm so glad to come home and receive happy news from one of my most fave people!

We've finally got a schedule for a visit to French Embassy, that will be on Monday, September 29. That's good news right? Melchor and I just have to think of how we gonna go to the Embassy, as my vehicle is coding on Mondays.

In completing our documents for the Visa requirements, after a week of talking and asking and inquiring from our bank, Bank of China, here in Shanghai, we finally got the Original Bank Certificate! As the banks here are pretty stable and sigurista, they want us to fixed the deposit into the no. of days we like the certificate to be valid! hahahaha! :) So with all the brouhaha, we got the certificate na! It's not free ah! It costs Rmb 20.00 each, and since we're applying to 2 embassies, we had 2 copies made for each other, total costs Rmb 80.00.

To commemorate today, here's the certificate that we had made by BOC:
We just have the Employment Certificate to complete tomorrow, then I think we can tentatively submit these documents to the travel agency! heheh :)

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