Monday, September 01, 2008

Our Yummy Wedding Cake!

I'm cheery today! I've emailed Alex Franco for the design of the cake, and he immediately replied to my roaming Globe number! woohoo!! yipeee!!!

Early this year, one of the suppliers we were able to meet was Alex Franco.
I have to admit that Melchor was a bit aloof, and was kept on telling me that we're just meeting Mr. Franco that evening. So we went to the Chowking resto in Mandaluyong City - Pasig Area.

And so we went that night, and talked to the friendliest and the most humble famous cake maker we've ever met. What happened that night was just the way I expected it.... Mr. Alex Franco had won us over and over again! hahahah! He taught us how to cut a cake already! hahaha! (And I think I have to remind Melchor before the big day! hahaha!)

At that time, Melchor chose a basket weave type design for our 5 layer All-edible. As my previous post about our menu at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, we replaced the desserts for another meal, and with that we'll be serving the bottom 2 layer of our cake to the guests. So we also chose flowers in our cake, and then, flowers and fruits on the side table of the cake. hehe :) At that time, we chose also green as part of the basket weave, and green flowers..? hahaha! :) Here's the possible cake design if we really went on with the basket weave, taken from one of the AVPs from Alex Franco's wedding (forgot where exactly na!):
Beautiful, isn't she?
So fast forward... I kinda started my research once again.... hahahaha! For cake design.. I guess deep down, I felt that the basket weave was too complicated..? hahahaha! Sorry!! But this is just me! :) I visited websites, where the cake design caught my eye. I think I have around more than 40 cake designs in my Cake Design folder! hahaha! :)

We finished our meeting with Alex, with everything covered... our design, the flavor of our bottom 2 layer cake, schedule, time for their arrangement in ESL, etc... and also, we learned that we don't have to pay any down payment! hahaha! And the big plus! We received a sample cake from him!
It's a bit challenge to cut the cake of Alex Franco! hahaha
But it looks really really lovely!
Sample palang yan ah! :)

But I think what triggered me to really find the design of the cake was when I received a text message from Alex, reminding me to give him my choices for the upper 3 layers of the cake. So with the help once again of Erica, we finally chose our cakes. I found something I like from The Knot.
The Knot ba..? or The Brides? hahahaha! I'm not sure na! But bottom line, I FOUND IT!

So, Melchor and I finally chose this:
Erica also approved!!! I like the one on the right, and with that, I'd emailed Alex Franco tonight, for this design and I also hope that we can also get the flowers with that color - Green and Turquoise! :)
And after few minutes I received from him, with this message: "Got your email Ria on flavors and Design, all changes noted na and possible to do". He reads email fast and replies fast ah! :)

So I have reason to be cheery, right? We're finalizing stuff one by one already. And I think we're almost done finalizing the Tie for the Principal Sponsors! Erica will be helping us buy them in Manila, and since it's not normal that the particular store will have more than 5pcs stocks, she'll be calling in to finally order, and then get them when the store finally completed them.

Other than that, we've also decided with the watch we like. As we're nearing our maximum budget for the wedding, we like something that can be squeeze in our budget. hehe :) Will update this post regarding the tie and the watch!

Oh, and we also got our wedding rings! hahahaha! I'm thinking of posting it.. and I guess... soon...??
I'm more concern with the fitting of my entourage and my mom and Melchor's mom! I hope it will be really soon!! hahahaha! :)

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