Sunday, September 07, 2008

and the Blog goes Private!

Last Friday, I received a message from an unknown reader of my blog. I'm actually flattered that my blog has started to have its own readers, especially for those bride to be's. I love to help out people, and I guess with planning of my own wedding, I was thinking this blog can actually be my own vehicle to help out others, with my researches and choices.

Sad to say, what happened last Friday triggered a bit of fear in me. I'm actually not a very scary person, but with the planning and everything and all details of my wedding here in the blog, I guess I have to put this blog into a private mode.

I received a message from a guy who said he's a bartender in Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. After that I emailed our ESL Events Manager, Annalee Sy, to ask her if they do have the person's name in their workers list. I think I need to be safe than sorry! hahaha!

But I'm still blogging for my own purpose! hahah! I mean, I would like my sisters, cousins and friends to be able to read my journey towards the Big Day, and maybe my kids when the time comes, hahaha! So, regardless of having a bit fear in things I cannot control, I have to start thinking of our safety first before others.

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