Monday, September 15, 2008

rainy September 15...

Tomorrow will be the first day of the work week, so Melchor and I usually allot the day before the work week just bumming around the dorm. We did toyed the idea of going somewhere today, and look for some goodies to bring back home, but the rain finally decided the plans for the day, which is to just stay home! hahaha!

I'm hearing lightning and thunder right now, and Melchor do agreed it's good thing we stayed home! hahaha! So what we kinda did earlier, was start arranging my stuff here at my room.

I've been a bit lucky that I wasn't in town whenever our family have a big transfer to another place moment, and I guess, being the way that I am, I really hate transferring and packing! In order to do something useful and fruitful for the holiday, we kinda started packing my books, magazines, dvds, cds and some small stuff appliances here in my room.

At present, I have 2 boxes near my TV! hahaha! Inside contains some books and magazines I have here, and also some DVDs, etc. I wonder Melchor's plan on how to bring these heavy boxes upstairs! hahahaha! I can't wait to see that! :)

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