Sunday, September 07, 2008


Melchor and I are watching Sex and the City the Movie right now, and it's so heavenly to see Mr. Big again! hahaha! Dreamy in fact! With the Penthouse apartment and the Closet thing!! hahahaa!!
Right now, it's in the middle of the movie, and I'm hating Mr. Big right now! If ever that Melchor will do the same thing to me, I will kick Melchor's ass! hahahaha! :)

I'm trying to find the closet of the new apartment supposedly for them. I like that ah! hahaha! I mean, if ever that we get our own pad, I hope we can also have that closet - walk in closet!

We still have 30mins left in the movie, and I hope to get inspiration from this movie.. maybe in life and others.

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