Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sept 18 - 30 days left!!

Earlier, my sister Erica and I were sending messages thru YM, and she typed: 30 days.
I answered back, "anong 30 days?"
Then, I realized that she's once again and again and again, reminding me of the days left before October 18. I guess I was too preoccupied in the office work, that I really really just wishing this week will be over soon! I'm dreading tomorrow, 'coz of the visitors we'll be having, then on Monday, there's another set of visitors coming over from somewhere! So much for my plan for a relaxing week.

So swamped with work earlier, I wasn't able to catch something that I like to remind me of my own countdown.

Well, my good friend Sheryl went to work today, and I'm very thankful as she's unselfishly sharing her tips and notes to me for the coming big day.

Am I excited for October 18 na ba? I still can't feel much about it. I just hope it's September 25 already!!! wahhhhhhhhh!!!!

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