Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surprising September 16!

Today was a typical working day. Coming from a sort of Long weekend, things started pretty hectic in the few hours, then it went slow. I'm waiting for some emails, etc.

When Ms. Yang Ai Zhu and Ms. Ni Jin came in to my office, holding this red box, I kinda hoping "that doesn't have anything to do with me, right? hahaha!" Ms. Yang was holding this red box, with Ms. Ni at the side, and they're going to my direction!! hahaha!

I was really surprised and I guess I just don't know what to say then! haha! I'm touched with their sincerity. Ms. Yang and Ms. Ni are part of my favorite people from Accounting Department, and I'm deeply happy that they thought of a gift for me and Melchor.

Ms. Yang asked me to open it, my smile was ranging from my left to right ear already! hahaha!
And there I saw what inside and both of them quickly explained the item to me.
This is what they called:子孙桶 or Zi Sun Tong (in Mandarin) or direct translation to Son and Grandson Barrel. This is part of the China's wedding tradition. I'm actually not sure if I had seen this kind back home, but based from my research now: "The set of Zi Sun barrel consists of three parts: a basin (Jiao Pan, 脚盆) symbolizing affluence; a close stool (Ma Tong, 马桶) symbolizing children and greater happiness and a bucket (Shum Tong, 水桶) symbolizing diligence and aspiration." - Taken from Tie d Knot, Chinese Dowry and Life of Guangzhou.

Earlier Ms. Yang and Ms. Ni were explaining this to me, of course, since I was a bit surprised, I seem to only understand a couple of their explanation. hahahaha! I quickly researched about this, and saw some Chinese explanations in this website here. I quickly shared the site to Melchor, Erica and Ever! hahaha! :)
Chinese info taken from here.

In the end, Melchor and I are deeply touched with their thoughtfulness. I think I mentioned to Ms. Yang that we're starting to pack things in our individual rooms and transfer to the suite room here. Hahaha! I know Melchor was surprised as well, that's why we both personally thank them once again. hehe :)

I like to thank Ms. Yang and Ms. Ni for their wonderful gift. I think the best gift that I received here is their kindness and helpfulness in our working together everyday! I sincerely like them very much and I have nothing but praises for them. Thank you very much, from Melchor and Ria.

I think when we come back in November, we shall have this displayed in our room, and I think we need to put some peanuts, candies, red dates inside the bucket and stool area..? hahaha! :) Cool! Something I can munch on next time! ;)

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