Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today's September 14

Today started pretty slow one for us. Melchor and I are used to bumming around the dormitory every Sunday, since we try to go out every Saturday. But this weekend is a new one to us. September 14 is the Chinese date for the Mid Autumn day, that's why the China government declared a 3-day non-working holidays starting Yesterday till Monday.

So just bumming around the dorm, I caught up with my 2 sisters, Erica and Ever, for some sharing of ideas, updates and chatting with each other. Also included in our chatting was Melchor. hehehe! Odd man out ba? But he was a bit busy in looking for the serviced apartment that we'll be staying in Manila.

After just spending the whole afternoon here, we decided to go to the Outlets store. I was thinking of getting my Mom a bag for her daily use, and maybe another bag for Ever... Then, I like to find good buys to be brought home for Erica, Aunts and Cousins.. maybe like nice dresses or something for them.. But alas, since I get impatient quickly, I kinda get tired of trying to fuss around when checking out the first rack don't have anything that caught my eye. Of course, another factor is the price! I have a policeman with me (that's Melchor), which every now and then, I try to ask if there's something nice that he saw, that I wasn't able to check out.

We ate at Sweeties, our favorite at Outlets... and for the pic of the day, I think I will upload the Bichu Bichu that I've ordered from Sweeties! You may ask why, right? hahaha! Since the first time visited the resto, I always ask and ordered for this Bichu Bichu, but it's always unavailable! For today, we've finally ordered it! hahahah!

Oh, and I also like to blog and congratulate my fellow bride, Sheryl and Dwight!
They tied the knot this afternoon, and I saw some preliminary pictures and they're quite stunning!
Sheryl's gown is soooo beautiful! hahahaha! I just saw Marie's pictures from the wedding, and they're pretty already! I hope to see Sheryl and Dwight's day in Nelwin Uy's site soon! hihihi :)
Best Wishes Sheryl and Dwight!! :)

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