Tuesday, October 21, 2008

10.18.08 Melchor + Ria - List of Suppliers

October 18, 2008

Church: Santuario de San Jose Parish
Reception: Edsa Shangri-La Hotel
Preps: Executive Suite
Ballroom: Garden Ballroom
Officiating Priest: Fr. Rex Vidal
Coordinator: An Event to Remember
Bridal Gown & Accessories: Veluz Reyes
Mom's Gown: Niko Hernandez
Groom's Suit: Delby Bragais
Female Ento Gowns: Veejay Floresca
Male Ento Suit: Mang Teddy
Hair & Makeup: Peddy Acebo & Bong Vicentico

Main Photographer: Nelwin Uy
Backup Photographer: Jill Lejano
Videographer: Threelogy Video
Florist: Teddy Manuel
Events Styling: Balay Kandila
Host: Max Tiu
Soloist: Den Den Atanacio
Souvenir: Fabfoto Booth
Bridal Car: Lincoln Towncar
Unity Candle: Tisha Rosales
Wedding Rings: Nanette Ibasco
Cake: Alex Franco
Invitations: The Write Impression
LCD Projector: Dennis Sy

So far, these are my suppliers that I can think of right now. Will update this soon and also their reviews! hehe :)

Link to my youtube site here.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

our New Epson Printer

As previously blogged, here's our Epson printer purchased yesterday... it's an All-in-one printer, scanner, copier already... it's actually not expensive ah.. and so far, the printing's good! hihihi!

Nice noh? hahaha! :)

our 1st Memorable Gift

My sister Erica and her boyfriend Paolo surprised us yesterday a gift.
I have to admit that I knew that my siblings will prepare something for us. Knowing Erica, who has been giving us gifts left and right, I'm confident that it's just a matter of time and what thing she will think of, we will eventually receive something from her. And yesterday was another episode of her thoughtful moments.

I think I have to list down here, what she has already provided for us. Also with her partner-in crime, Paolo, I have to say that they never cease to surprise us!

So, the first gift we received from Erica and Paolo were the Precious Moments figurine of a girl and a boy. We will also showcase this come wedding preps. Then, they gave Melchor a gift of Precious Moments jewelry box, for him to propose to me! hahaha!

Then, there's the Jeju keychain of a pair of Granny and Grandpa... with a tip that when I get pregnant, I have to frequently touch the nose of those 2 pairs, so that I will have a baby boy! hahaha!

I think the another important gift Erica gave us, was the help she provided when we were finalizing our invites. It was the most gruelling time of our wedding preps, as we were in Shanghai that time. With the help of technology, and Erica's patience as she understands me very well, our invites were much much more than we've expected it to be! hahaha!

Yesterday, they surprised us a gift again! hahaha!
Lookie... inside is....
Melchor's all smile!! hehehe! :)

The detail is freakingly the same as the original picture! hahaha! Even my moles and my necklines can be seen!! Also the bangle partner bracelets we were wearing! Melchor's laughlines and double chin! hahaha!! kitang kita! :)

Once again, Thank you very much Erica and Pao, for this gift! hehehe! As planned by Erica, this will be placed at the receiving table come reception time! hehehe! You guys are the most caring and thoughtful people, and we appreciate all your help and support in our wedding! hehe :)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

new Printer

As we're finalizing our guests list and printing our invites, we had some challenges in printing the invites.
We first used my Mom's old printer. I think this printer was bought for Ever during her thesis period in school. It's being used by Ron, Erica and now, it's my turn as we're printing the envelopes for the invites.

Due to the thickness of the envelope, we encountered dis-alignment and creases on the sides of the envelopes! The Write Impression gave us 10 extra envelopes, and with Mom's HP Printer, we already wasted 5 enves! wah!!!

With that, as we also needed a scanner for the pictures, etc. Melchor and I decided to buy a 3 in 1 printer, scanner and copier - Epson TX100.

It's actually not expensive. I guess with all the new technology readily available left and right, things depreciate faster than we expected it to be.

I shall post some of the printer's pictures tomorrow. For the meantime, I like to greet Happy Birthday to Melchor! I don't have anything to add as of the moment, just plain happy birthday.

it's OCTOBER na!!!!!

Since we landed here in Manila, I sometimes have trouble sleeping and rest a bit late and wake up very early in the morning. Weird huh?

And right now, it's 1:57AM already!! and I'm hoping that I can feel the sleepiness really soon!
So, I'm really counting down towards our big 18 day!!!

At least we're now same age!! hahahah!