Wednesday, October 01, 2008

new Printer

As we're finalizing our guests list and printing our invites, we had some challenges in printing the invites.
We first used my Mom's old printer. I think this printer was bought for Ever during her thesis period in school. It's being used by Ron, Erica and now, it's my turn as we're printing the envelopes for the invites.

Due to the thickness of the envelope, we encountered dis-alignment and creases on the sides of the envelopes! The Write Impression gave us 10 extra envelopes, and with Mom's HP Printer, we already wasted 5 enves! wah!!!

With that, as we also needed a scanner for the pictures, etc. Melchor and I decided to buy a 3 in 1 printer, scanner and copier - Epson TX100.

It's actually not expensive. I guess with all the new technology readily available left and right, things depreciate faster than we expected it to be.

I shall post some of the printer's pictures tomorrow. For the meantime, I like to greet Happy Birthday to Melchor! I don't have anything to add as of the moment, just plain happy birthday.

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