Friday, November 21, 2008

my Former Entourage Designer

As I'm starting to getting back to my routine here in Shanghai, I'm also taking the time and opportunity to one by one write and say thank you to all the people who made our wedding day really perfect and special. I wrote in my previous entry that I'm waiting for some time.. actually I'm waiting for the mood, hahaha! My writing and feeling mood e! But will try and start my suppliers rating soon!

Everyday, I do check my blog visitors. I guess I really want to help out other girls, who are also planning their special day! I'm happy to share this blog to others, who are confused and in need of some ideas, as I also experienced before. With that, I stumbled upon that some visitors of this blog had checked out my entry last time for the Quest for the Entourage Designer.

As much as possible, I like my entry last April 2008 be just the way it is. After all, it was what I felt and thought of that time, that makes me really want to blog. But I think I have to set the record straight for this. I don't think anyone deserves to be stressful on planning their event.

My blog entry last April 2008, I thought I can sit back and rest, because the designer I chose was okay already. I guess this is the hassle for being overseas, you can't be sure of everything, unless you're physically in place already.

Everything was okay already, measurements taken, sketches were drawn, pictures were exchanged, motif were finalized. I was assured that the schedule are in time. Melchor and I went to Manila last September 25. We had some other stuff to do, like our meeting with Clarice, meeting with Anne Sy of Edsa Shangri-La, Melchor's fitting with Delby, etc. it was a hectic schedule for us!

I will be only honest here in my blog, based of what really happened. I guess, my family and I were to trustful to really believe that with only few weeks left before the wedding, they (the former designer) can really pull it through. The first fitting was set a week before our flight from Shanghai to Manila. At that time, I remember specifically that I kept on pressing for the fitting, my sister was calling the former designer also, as well as my coordinator. I totally understand that designers do then to get the measurements too fast, like in our case last April 2008, and ask for the downpayment immediately, in our case last April 2008; then will start doing the gowns pretty late, in our case, maybe less than a month's time.

The first fitting I was told was purely lining! Honestly, I was expecting it to be a little more than the lining! But fine, since it's the first fitting palang.. whatever. I remembered calling the former designer's office for the scheduled 2nd fitting. I was told that the gowns are being made at that time, and since the designs were the preferences of my entourage, they're having a bit difficulty in doing those designs. Funny that I will be given that reason, when they were the one who really sketched the gowns! I gave a specific instructions that the designs will have to incorporate the preferences and personalities of my entourage. I don't think that's too much to ask, right? After all, why do we have to hire a designer just to do simple gowns, when you can have it readily buy from stores and even have dressmakers do it for you?

Anyway, I really think I don't have to go into details with what really happened. Bottom line, my previous post here turns out to be my FORMER designer. 12 days before the wedding, we had a very tough decision to make, and I think it turned out pretty well. My entourage were wearing gowns created in 10 days! Can you imagine that? What more if I had chosen the New Designer even way before? I don't think I like to think more about it... After all, things happened for a reason. :)

So with that, my readers, I won't say that I really would recommend my former designer, because I was challenged that week because of them. I was stressed, disappointed, unhappy... but I moved forward, I took charge, I decided immediately. In end, I found a new designer who gladly accepted and worked with me in just 10 days! hahaha! And I think my Entourage pictures are proof enough, for you guys to really believe that, in the end, I chose the one with the real talent!


  1. hi.. did you end up with ding marquez as couture for your wedding?

  2. hello! thanks for visiting my blog.
    Nope.. I changed my entourage designer 10 days before the wedding. You got him ba?