Tuesday, November 25, 2008

my Hair & Makeup!

I personally know that it will be hard to please a kikay, when it comes to makeup.
For a kikay girl like me, I already know what I want when it comes to makeup.
I want a flawless smooth face, and Melchor requested that my eyes to be not so singkit. (Even Melchor knows what he wants when it comes to makeup! hahaha!)

So with makeup, yes, I'm very particular. Particular with brands, shades, shades I want, what works best, brands that can have allergic reaction to my skin, makeup that are oil-based.
When it comes to who will be doing my makeup, I had thought of this over and over and over. And because of my bit familiarity in the makeup world, it was assumed that I'm leaning towards something already, assumptions which I did not take.

I did researched about who I want to do my makeup. I've inquired and ask around, looked for pictures, other than print ads... and yes, I know that bridal and print ad makeup is totally different with each other.

So when Clarice recommended Peddy Acebo to me, and my Mom wanted me to booked him already, looked at his past brides, I guess, I was thinking, as long as we can meet with each other, and communicate what I like, etc., I'm okay with him already. I saw a picture of Rachel Weisz and love her makeup! I knew then that I wanted to look like that on my wedding day.
I wanted Rachel's makeup to be my bridal makeup! hehe :)

I scheduled a meeting/trial with Peddy, because I want a perfect makeup on that day. We met 3 days before October 18! hahaha! Had trial at Propaganda Salon. :) Though some of you may say that I should forgo the trial, I feel the need to communicate with Peddy.. And get to know more about each other. So come that day, Melchor & I finally met Peddy. I even brought some of my stuff for him to fuss around. We kid around, chit chat.. And as we talked and talked, I felt that we grew comfortably with each other. I shared with him my addiction to makeup.. hahaha! (Actually it's Melchor who told Peddy that I have a lot of stuff here in Shanghai! hahaha!)
As I watched him work his way to me, I knew in my heart that I made the right choice.
Peddy and I met at Propaganda Salon for a trial makeup - 15 October 2008
Ang payat payat nya!! hahaha!

Come the morning of 18th, I was told by Clarice the night before that the first supplier arriving my suite is Peddy's team, at 6:00AM. I was, "oh my.... ang aga pala! hahaha!" I woke up 5:15AM, and took a bath, then by 5:50AM, I heard a door bell on my door na! Wahhh!! It's Peddy's team na noh!!! They've arrived! With Peddy to do the hair is Bong. This is the first time I met him and siguro morning, ndi pa sya naka smile e! hahahaha!

Then, things went really fast... Bong did something and prepared to my hair, Peddy started my makeup!! Wahhhh!! After that, Bong finishes up my hair! And with that, GRABEEEEEEEE!!! I love my hair and makeup!!!!!!!!!
I super duper love them!!! In my heart, I'm hugging both Peddy and Bong na!! They worked real wonders!! They also did my Mom and Sister's makeup, and they super duper love it!!! My sister even up to this point is saying that when it's time for her wedding preps, Peddy Acebo will be the first supplier she'll get from my Perfect group of suppliers! hahahaha! :)

Peddy's finishing up.. Can you see how happy I am with my flawless makeup? hahaha!
ndi naman obvious dba? hahahaha!

Bong's fussing my hair! I love my hair-do!! Thank you very much Bong!!

I don't think I can say anything more to proved my happiness that day, other than the big smile I have for both Peddy and Bong. I just super love them!! They transformed me into a confident, pretty bride!!

Peddy and Bong made me really beautiful! Flawless, radiant, hair made-up! I felt like a Queen! Everything's so pretty!!!!!

Thank you once again Peddy and Bong! I will say this over and over again.. hahaha! Thank you so so much!!!!!

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