Sunday, November 23, 2008

my New Entourage Designer

Girls, as you may have read from my previous posts, I changed my Entourage Designer 12 days before our October 18 wedding. It was a stressful week! hahaha! But I can tell you that we've pulled it through!!! With flying colors pa! hahahah!

My new Entourage Designer and maker is Veejay Floresca. You guys may have heard about him from the Project Runway Philippines. Yes, the one and only Veejay Floresca! hahaha! :)

He was actually part of my entourage gown maker list.. I have more than 10 designers being considered, inquired and asked for... And I have to explained that I wanted him already... it's just that at the time that my Mom, Erica, Ai Becca and Cheska went to see him, he was a bit occupied! hahaha! I thought he may not have the time to do my entourage! hehehe :)

So come the disastrous former designer, who wanted me to pay up immediately and have excuses and reasons for not able to make the gowns with the designs that he drew! I knew then and there that I have to find someone who's willing to make my ento gowns in 12 days!

I called up Clarice and we immediately think of our own ways to look for the new designer/maker.
Clarice called up Ms. Veluz, Niko, and even Cecilio Abad! hehehe! Ms. V and Niko had plans that week and may not be able to rush into it.. Cecilio Abad quoted me way way beyond of what we can afford. Since we'll be changing designers, and gowns made by the former designer... well, they're not valid anymore, we wasted our downpayment with the former designer and will not be getting the gowns they rushly made for us. So sad talaga! I was feeling a bit shame with Melchor, since we'll be adding the budget for our entourage gown, and wasted the downpayment we had with the former gowns! (ang labo ba? hahaha!)

So I remember that Monday lunch, Melchor, Mom and I were at Pacific Star Building Makati Ave., Chowking Restaurant, I opened my magic notebook (where I have a lot of numbers and list of suppliers! hahahah!), and dial a number! Luckily, Veejay answered, I explained the situation, and I ask if he'll be able to make my 6 Adult, 3 Kids gowns in less than 2 weeks time! hahaha! He said yes to me and we agreed to meet up the next day! I was itching to meet up immediately with him nga e, hahaha! But he had prior plans na kasi.

Our gang meet up with Veejay the next day.. talked about possible designs, color motif, ideas.. hahaha! I actually let go of my perkiness this time. I told Veejay, I just want my Entourage to look good and beautiful! My female Principal sponsors colors are in Citrus green, I wanted Yellow for my entourage... but I left everything to Veejay na. With the time constraint, I don't think I can afford to be picky pa! hahahaha! I'm just happy that he accepted my 'challenge'! hahahaha!

A little cooperation from my entourage, Melchor's help to pick-up the flower girls, we fetched and drove Veejay to my Aunt's place for measurement taking.. threw-in some ideas.. looked at my ento's body structures... Wah-la! Measurements completed.. the fitting will be in 1 week! hahahaha! :)

Our picture during the fitting, 4 days before the wedding day! Ito muna i-blog ko ah! To be continue - Entourage Gowns by Veejay Floresca.

I've already said my sincere thank you to Veejay! He was super kind talaga! And tons of salute and love talaga to him! Here's his take about our challenge! hahahaha!

Once again Veejay! Thank you Thank you very much!!!

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