Sunday, November 23, 2008

my SPA-arty!

I'll eventually be back-blogging the happenings I had during the month of October.
Everything happened too fast, and too stressful! I think I just have to go through them one by one, so that I can still continue to document our journey towards our October 18 and more.

I guess being too stressful and had little time to personally look into our wedding preps, I wasn't really thinking of having my own bridal shower! So who wouldn't be surprised that someone did arranged something for me? hahaha!

1 week before the wedding, Melchor told me that we will be meeting or coffee on October 11 with some of his friends, friends he hadn't seen for a long long time. He actually told me that we'll be meeting his Slimmer World friends. I actually got mad! hahaha! Because with our busy schedule and hectic week, I myself haven't meet up with any of my closest friends!! And yet, he arranged a meeting with his SW friends! Can you believe that? I got mad, he was silent. Fine!

Come October 11, I have a dentist appointment in the afternoon.. but actually I was also delaying the time, hoping that our meet-ups with the SW will not push through! Hahahah! Yes, bad noh? Had dinner at Alba Restaurant in QC. Fine, fine!

Then, we went to Lancaster Suites, as Melchor said, that's where we will be meeting his friends. I was really too timid this time. I was tired, I have too much to think of pa, and yet, we'll be wasting time in meeting with his friends. Parked the car at Basement 3 I think, and funny thing, we met good friend Winston Tiong at the parking! hahaha! I asked him what he's doing there, he was a bit NR and said that he'll be meeting a friend. hahaha! (yun pala, he was there to fetch his wife!)

So we went to 21st floor, I was really in aloof mood.. hahah! Kasi naman e... @_@
Melchor knocked the door, I was a bit far, kasi nga medyo reluctant ako!
Ayun! hahahaha! I was surprised to see Erica, Ever, Cousins, Girlie, Aimee!! hahahah!
It was actually a bridal shower for me! hahahahha!!!
Here's the invite that Ever made for the event.
I was really surprised! I never thought I'll be having a shower! It was a fun night, and I was pampered... I have to thank Erica, Ever and Melchor, as well as all the guests for arranging and coming to enjoy the night with me! :)

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